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Khaleej Times Complaints & Reviews

Khaleej Times / dud vouchers

Jun 6, 2011

We are unable to contact Dubai Life Tourism desert dafari vouchers of KT on the phone numbers 04 2294694 and 050 3039717( no reply)mentioned on the coupons. Even the website no’s are dud !! None of the 6 driving classes are free, it is only when I register for 50 classes then only this offer becomes applicable. Optivision is also a "rip off" offer - it is only when I buy sungalsses for minimum AED 450/+ then only I get AED 250/= off. Kaya Skin Clinic has facials for AED 350/=. I have to pay AED 150/= to avail the offer. Desert safari is only a genuine free offer and that we cannot contact...

Khaleej Times / Hub of gossipers


If you want to spread a story like fire with some extra inputs (masala news) for that your one stop destination would be khaleej times. tell a single sentence to someone, a great story will come up automatically for sure. I am sorry to say that a place of intellectuals has become a gossiperes adda. they have nothing to do in life except peeping into someone's personal life and making stories.

Khaleej Times / Regressive Times


I have been reading the complaints from a ceratin section of employees (old timers!!! me too but fortunatley not in their category) who have worked or have been working in KT for a long time. Honestly I am ashamed that these uncouth, unethical, regressive employees still have a field day in Khaleej Times. These employees have formed a cartel to brainwash the management and into believing that KT is surviving only beacuse of them, their dedication to the true...KT is unfortunatley "only" surviving because of them...If they were a little more conscious and had respect for the...

Khaleej Times / Khaleej Times complains


Khaleej Times enters another phase of anxiety, as old employees cry foul By Staff Reporter A dark cloud hangs over Khaleej Times, where the axe of vengeance is descending on necks of old employees every passing day. No word!!! staff there say, can accurately depict the anxiety wracking them as no one seems to know what the next minute portend. When Khaleej Times made editorial and management changes early last year, the owners gave them a freehand with the financial transaction to reform and give the newspaper a facelift. There was enough cash available then, to pay the old staffers a decent...



We are group of Khaleej Times employees, having worked in the company for last 15 years and more. The new management under Rahul Sharma and Ovais Subhani are getting rid of the old staff without any due consideration, just giving them termination letters without any warning, claiming that it is recession period, yet they keep employing new people at very high and unjustifiable salary. The slogan "Keeping track of change" is really changing the entire hardworking manpower of the organisation. The paper is run very unprofessionally, without any ethics of journalism being followed, people are...

Khaleej Times / subscription promotional offer


I subscribed for khaleej times in december when they had an offer with sharaf dg for dhs 400. even after 3 months I have not received the gift voucher. When u can easily publish complaints about others in ur newspaper deal with this also. don't cheat the consumers. first make ur company free from complaints and then deal with others.