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Kevin Smith S&S Construction Complaints & Reviews

Kevin Smith S&S Construction / He attacked me with his Smith Family

Oct 07, 2015

Kevin Smith tried to make me paranoid and his son a locked up evil Criminal who tried to harm me with his partners Wilson Guillory and Dewanye Byrd. All Uncle Kevin and the Smith Family do is house each other needs and they stole my Property and mentally abused me around Bennett Road with Katherine Fobbs Wright who started mentally bothering me and then had her in laws harass me on Corporate jobs like Burger King and Sonic-Drive In.

Kevin Smith S&S Construction - California, Beaumont / Violently lying and being illegal

Sep 19, 2014

Kevin Smith being violent and tried to kill me in front of my Mother and Grandmother. Made up stories against my name to keep the Beaumont Texas Police from helping me out with my stolen property. Allowed his oldest son try an bully me until the Police locked even Dewayne Byrd up who they use to let go with their Smith family on several Holiday trips out of town. In 2014 Uncle tried yelling at me like I'm asking him for favors and I'm not trying force against him finally. Reporting this person as disobeient and dissorderly today. He already put in request for me needing to talk with...