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KELLY O'NEAL/Legacy Trading Company Complaints & Reviews

KELLY O'NEAL/Legacy Trading Company - Texas, Dallas / O'NEAL IS A THIEF + SWINDLER


Contrary to all the fake positive posts Kelly 'If I Steal From You, Whatcha Gonna Do?' O'Neal is putting on this and other websites, I can say that I HAVE worked with this sleaze and every negative post about him and his ### partner is TRUE. He's a thief (he swindled me out of thousands of dollars); he's a liar (he'll say ANYTHING to get what he wants - including that he has a terminal disease to elicit sympathy) and virtually every word he utters is a lie; his employees are a pack of con men and women (and he treats the lower paid people as indentured servants);...

KELLY O'NEAL/Legacy Trading Company / O'NEAL = ###


Hey y'all! I have worked with Kelly 'I'm A Thief, F*ck You' O'Neal and let me tell you: In my (and many other honest people's) opinion, there are few scummier people on the planet than him. If you even speak to him or his 'employees', they will rob you blind. They are the worst kind of criminals...those who steal from hard-working people who can least afford it. Let's hope someone takes care of them once and for all soon and send their sorry lying ### to jail. Beware!