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K Hovnanian Complaints & Reviews

K Hovnanian - New Jersey / poor workmanship

Oct 10, 2013

As a new and first time K Hovnanian home owner I am deeply disappointed in the quality of construction and Home Owner services K. Hovnanian Companies provides. Living in my current home for less than two years I have already spent more in repairs on my new home than I had in the previous six years living in my 25 year old condo. If I was suffering alone, I might consider it as a case of bad luck. But in the time period I purchased my home in Meadow Creek Estates in Manalapan, NJ, there were thirty home sites available for purchase. Out of those thirty homes that were built and sold to home...

K Hovnanian - New York, Monroe NY / Patriot Windows

Mar 11, 2011

We are Living in a K Hovnanian complex built approx 6-7 years ago the windows they installed were Patriot Windows and everytime we have a wind driven rain it, the rain comes in at the top or bottom of the windows in the living room; sometimes the flooors are wet from the water dripping on them. These windows are the cheapest and worst windows anyone could ever install. This morning March 11th I got up to a puddle of water on the window sills again. Maura Reilly, Monroe, NY

K Hovnanian - New Jersey, Barnegat / main water pipe break damage done


2 main water break with in 2 2 week time frame. The first one was las week outside next to my heating and air k.kov and plumber turned water off and blamed sprinkler people absecom. Well last night 3/2 @ @2:00 I had a main water break in the inside flooding the entire downstairs of my home. From 2- 5am I tried to get as much as poss overwelmed was not the word the 24 emergency line not in service apparently I was informed I was fortunate that K Hov even came out considering my closing was Aug 28 of 2007 I haven't even been here 1 1/2 yet and I was lucky they were ripping the rug up and...

K Hovnanian / Build terrible houses


K Hovnanian builds homes that do not meet building code. K Hovnanian does not back up the homes they build and make every attempt to deceive the customer into accepting a substandard "fix". K Hovnanian management are weasels. Do not buy a K Hovnanian home, you will regret it!! K Hovnanian does not use reputable subcontractors. K Hovnanian will tell you anything to persuade you to buy one of their homes. After the sale they do not know who you are. These people truly do not have souls. I regret purchasing from K Hovananian, you will to!! Do your homework, the web is full of K Hovnanian horror stories.