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Juveneu Complaints & Reviews

Juveneu / order cancelled in october

Feb 07, 2012

For two months my credit card was billed for a product that never arrived. Then when I contacted the company help line they apologised but said it was beyond their control. I asked to be reimbursed and they said NO, instead they would resend the order. I asked if I could stop any further shipping of the order, as it was a monthly thing. I was told no not until the first two months worth was sent off. I asked when I could stop any further payment and was told to ring back in October. I did so and was asked why I wanted to stop the order I said I don't like the product. They asked if I...


Dec 07, 2011

I responded to a free trial for a product on antiaging, the product took more than a month to be delivered and then found $84 - $93 per month had been deducted from my credit card without my permission. I rang and was given a cancellation ref # and thought it was cancelled on 7th Nov 2011 but to my horror two more amounts of $93 on the 6th and 7th of December have been deducted. i have requested cancellation many time with the company through their only send a question form and they still ignore me. I can not afford to have this money taken out every month and I am not recieving any products, please help.

Juveneu / Scam

Nov 02, 2011

I received a free sample in the post with no obligation or agreement to buy the product. The company went ahead knowing my Debit card details and deducted an amount of $106 from my account. This is fraudaulant as no permission was given by me. I have now had to cancel my bank card and just trust that they won't take more money from my account. I have since then found out that there are many people claiming to have been scammed by this company.

Juveneu - New South Wales / No product received

Sep 12, 2011

Mainly to make others aware. Initial offer to pay under $2.00 to receive trial offer. If you like after fourteen days they will send you the full product and debit your credit card. If you don't like return within fourteen days and no further payment required. I never received the initial trial product & fortunately for me my card is a Visa Debit Card ie; using my own money - so when I hadn't received the product after ten days I transferred nearly all the money I had out of the account and sure enough on day fourteen they tried to debit an amount of $84.71 from my account and obviously were unable to do so. I have since cancelled that card number. I'm sure many other people have not been so lucky.

Juveneu - Georgia, Atlanta / tardy arrival/hasty credit card charge

Sep 10, 2011

Terms and Conditions state when applying for (FREE) home trial that the billing will commence 14 days after distribution of product. Distribution date for my product was 15th August 20011 it arrived yesterday after being sent 1st class mail 8th September 2011. I have checked my bank statement and yes they have taken the product amount of $88.76 from my account, now I've tried to send them an email to their dedicated site of and my firewall tells me this is an unsecured site and if I go ahead and continue with opening the site I may get hacked. So how does one contact them via email and cease their mining of my account?

Juveneu - Tasmania / charged my card for something I have not received

Sep 07, 2011

I was sent an email promoting a new anti wrinkle cream and if I paid $1.99 via credit card the "Trial product" item would be shipped to me asap. I have not received the item (and its been over two weeks since I ordered the trial) as yet but I noticed on my credit card online statement yesterday that the company has charged me $79.61 for the product. I have sent two complaints via the company's email address but Have not got no response. I'm extremely annoyed and now may have to cancel my credit card so that they cannot charge me again. Please help