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Joi Phone Complaints & Reviews

Joi Phone / Very bad service

Oct 23, 2011

Joi Phone continues to try to rip people off. I had no service for the month of July 2011. I called to report it. The rude service rep. who calls herself "December" could not tell me anything more than that she would submit a ticket. She refused ton let me speak with a supervisor and was extremely disrespectful and arrogant. As I expected, nothing happened, no e-mails, no phone calls, no phone service. I then ported my phone numbers to another company to get my service back. Joi Phone then had the nerve to bill me for August for the numbers that another company was servicing. They refuse to...

Joi Phone / Bad company bad service

Jul 10, 2011

I am writing this because joi phone is a rip off company and never response to your complain i order telephone from joi phone company they charge my credit card the day i placed the order router came after two weeks thats number one cheating when router arrived i connected to the computer was not working so i called joi phone customer service they said some one will call you i waited four days no response then i called back what happened no one called me they said oh we are very busy but some one will call you i said is been 4 days when they said i can give you the ticked number they will call...

Joi Phone / No refund


I've requested for my refund for 5 months using e-mail and all my requests were ignored. I made calls several times, especially, on April 2, 2008, an agent gave me a ticket number 109205. This morning, 5/21/2008, I called them again and was promised that they will send a request for processing of my refund. Please resove this problem.

Joi Phone - Florida, Delray Beach / Not responding!


I was signup with this (Joi Phone)company in december 2007. This company offer me, we can transfer your old phone number in 2 to 4 weeks on Joi phone. I give them email many time. First they say we no get your email. After that i fax them transfer form. Now my old phone number is disconnected. May be they request to my old carrier(At&T) to transfer this phone on joi phone. Now today is fourth day is going. My old phone number is disconnected. I call to my old carrier, They say some one transfer your carrier on his company. But i no getting any call from my old phone number. Joi phone wa...