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JobFox / Possible Criminal Charges

Jobfox Scammed Helper on May 21, 2012
Rob is the COO of Jobfox. Basically, what happened is in February, Rob ran out of capital. HE KNEW that Jobfox was going under. It was obvious when the Jobfox Resume Writing Staff started taking all of their vacation time together, for 2-week intervals (since they were not going to get paid for the time - they minus well us it). Knowing they would not pay their writers, Jobfox, continued assigning orders, and continued taking in new orders for unsuspecting clients. The fact that Rob (As the Leader and COO) authorized his team to continue taking and assigning orders to writers, knowing they...

JobFox - California / Unable to Cancel and Remove Resume

sww12 on Jan 26, 2012
This web site does not allow you to cancel your account - only "inactivate it." Additionally, once you upload your resume you'll never be able to delete it and clear their system of your personal information. They also have someone without your permission, review your resume and send you personalized feedback trying to get a large sum of money from you to rewrite your resume. This is a privacy invasive company with lecherous business practices.

JobFox - California, San Diego / Resume Incorrect/Incomplete

Suzanne Werden on Apr 27, 2011
Jobfox refused to continue to work on my resume as well. I only paid them two payments and told them I needed results before I would pay another cent - which I never got. Like everyone elso on this board I got ripped off - now I am dealing with their collection agency who states they are a law firm which they are not - Brown & Joseph who states I just have to pay or they will continue to post a key derogory on my credit report for the balance of $297. I consider Jobfox guilty of internet fraud and I intend to pursue this - if they have really done over a 100, 000 resume then they have probaly...

JobFox / Won't unsubscribe

Holden on Apr 22, 2011
I've opted out several times over the last few months, and no matter how many times I do this, JobFox won't respect it. Instead of leaving me alone, they continue to send emails-- no matter how many times unsubscribe. Ironically, they advertise themselves as knowing what it takes to help you land a job. Considering they don't even understand how to *not* alienate potential customers, I find this a little on the hard to believe side. Honestly, it is a little on the annoying side. There should be a place in *** reserved for companies that do this.

JobFox / Substandard Quality and Service

Education Advocate on Mar 10, 2011
JobFox seemed like a good idea. Initially it worked well getting the information on available jobs and the "eye candy" associated with my resume. Unfortunately as of late, the site has slowed to a crawl, the leads have become advertisements, and it seems as though they are becoming awfully picky about what you are allowed to see with your subscription. I have read the complaints and I agree with many of them. The site is not worth the investment. Moreover the "resume' re-write" is also not worth the investment. here I thought I could have a "Pro" do something for me that maybe I...

JobFox - Maryland, McLean / Unable o cancel account

seeker234 on Jan 15, 2011
I became a JobFox member during my search for a job in the technical field. However as I found them to be not useful, for quite some months now I have been trying to contact them to stop my subscription. I managed to talk to one person who said that they would be contacting me to cancel the account. But noone called back and they continue to debit my account every month for $29 automatically from my checking account. JobFox's "privacy notice" and "terms of service" notations do give a telephone number to contact them, but several attempts over a 6 month period have resulted in just one...

JobFox / Scam

Lately I got a resume critique from Jobfox. The resume robot ripped me a new one about my resume. I am so upset by the way they criticized me so I called up the number of my resume writer. That was 10 days ago and all I have been able to get is an answering machine. But lately I got tons of emails from Jobfox trying for me to have a resume writer. Now I know why they were so critical of my resume. I think that sort of tactic is not very nice for people out of a job. I don't got $400 to have a resume written even if I get the private service and cover letter. Jobfox scams people. On the...

JobFox - Virginia, McLean / Fake Job Openings

As a professional jobseeker I am well acquainted with the good and bad in the jobsite universe. Lo and behold, I went to apply for a position from Indeed and was redirected to Jobfox. Some poor employer paid Jobfox to advertise their position; or Jobfox has scraped the jobs as was mentioned in an earlier post. I was forced to create an account to apply for the position. The profile is remarkably similar to linkedin. (Anyone know of affiliations there?) At any rate I now have a profile and am solicited for their premium services regularly. I also receive listings of "New High-Matching Job...

JobFox / Jobfox is a SCAM

Why is this place still in business? I should be kicked because I used Jobfox a long time ago and thought it would be better because I got emails telling me of deals. I can see that Jobfox is still a scam. They practice a horrible bait and switch that will have poor unemployed people thinking they are getting a deal when they are not. I can see that Jobfox has gone to pay for advertising in an effort to make people think they are good. They are NOT. Jobfox is a terrible SCAM.

JobFox / Job board

What is it with job boards, like JobFox? They, and others like CareerBuilder, have a pay-to-play program in place that urge you to cough up a hefty fee, or a monthly recurring fee. They claim that your resume will be pushed to the head of the line, or that their resume-writing service will up your chances of getting that job. Just how many pay-to-play participants can you support before the fee is just a waist of money? And what happens to those who refuse to pay? Do they fall by the wayside? Are their resume's even seen? I know CareerBuilder does forward your resume and cover letter, due...

JobFox / resume

Ok I was looking for something else, and then I find out somebody complaining about Bakos.com, and saying that Resumeedge.com is better... yes, you are right is better. Avoid jobfox.com also. I paid up to 350 dollars for a resume and a cover letter, mediocre job, they didn't have any idea of my market Architecture, they added so many things I didn't said I did or knew. After complaining, because they have a policy of non returning the money to unsatisfied costumer, I finally got at least something decent. And then three months later.. jajaja... the same woman that sold me thi...

JobFox / Service sucks

The use of this recruiting tool seeks profit above service! I caution all to avoid the Jobfox organization based on a service that cannot perform and yet they are allowed to continue charging unsuspecting consumers!

JobFox / poor resume writing service

The jobfox resume writing service is pitiful. The writers seem uninterested and is very disconnnected from their "sell" of reviews. Avoid.

JobFox / Get Hired Center

Jobfox has a "Get Hired Center" once you login. On the left side of the page you will see "Apply to Matched Jobs (50)" indicating the number of job matches for your profile. When you click on the hyperlink "Apply to Matched Jobs" you will see "Review Matched Jobs & Apply" You will see a button "Apply Now" below the job description. Upon clicking the "Apply Now" button you are taken to a screen that states in big letters "There are two easy ways to apply for this job" …the Basic or Advantage way. I choose "Standard Resume Submission: We send your resume to the employer." I click...

JobFox / Unable to contact

I became a JobFox Advantage member during my search for a job in the technical field. According to JobFox, this level of service puts my resume ahead of other, non-Advantage members' resumes, and a nationwide search is performed by JobFox and reports given to me at least once per week. Because each of these "leads" to jobs results in the message "this job has been deleted or discontinued by the employer" when I attempt to access it for details, I have attempted to cancel my Advantage membership, which is costing me $19.99 per month and which is automatically debited from my busine...
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