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Joanna Seidel Complaints & Reviews

Joanna Seidel - Ontario, Toronto / Lying , manipulative and endangers children

Aug 28, 2015

My children have been court ordered to attend reconciliation counseling with Ms Seidel. During my first meeting with her she manipulated my words and wrote lies in her notebook even after I stopped her and told her it was completely incorrect. My 2 boys age 10 and 11 are refusing to go to speak with her. Because of this, she told me to park the car outside her Toronto office, open the doors to the car and leave the area so she could have "Private space". She wrote to family court repeating the lies and manipulations she had wrote down and completely denying that she had told me to abandon my...

Joanna Seidel / Endangering children

Jul 15, 2015

I read all the posts and thank goodness I can post my experience on this forum in hope that I will save another parent from the grief I suffered. The experience with this firm was terror filled. As soon as I met this woman, (who I interviewed) I knew she painted an illusion. I worked with her for supervised visitation of my child for a very short period of time. Their services were terminated very shortly for reasons where an arrest should have been made. Joanna Seidel should have gone to jail for the deliberate negligence of a minor. Although, the law must side with offenders because I wa...

Joanna Seidel - Ontario, Toronto / Incompetency

Apr 21, 2015

I am at a loss over the incompetency of Joanna Seidel as it relates to the protection of children. She claims that she only works in the best interest of a child, however this is an utter lie. She works for the best interest of her incoming revenues no matter what danger a child faces. In fact, she enables the danger, by having her worker turn the other way and deliberately doesn't report to the custodial parent, the real events of the visit of the supervised parent. My child was supervised for a number of months by Ms. Seidel's firm. After every visit, the child would report very...

Joanna Seidel - Ontario, Toronto / endangered my child

Jan 23, 2015

Joanna seidel is an awful woman who put my son at severe risk and i am furious. Everyone needs to know exactly what this woman is like she presents herself as proffessional and caring for the children but all she cares about is getting paid so she can take care of herself with her designer outfits and jewelery. Joanna seidel and her company was given a court order to protect my son for visits with his dad who is a **heroin addict**. The supervisor she was supposed to be there supervising every minute of the visit. Instead she went and took a phone call with her boyfriend and in that time my son...