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Jet Pets Animal Transport Complaints & Reviews

Jet Pets Animal Transport / They didn't provide promised services

Dec 27, 2014

The company Jet Pets Animal Transport is total rip off. I was shocked that they promised to transfer my two kittens, but they fooled me. They took money and vanished somewhere. I was so disappointed, but I tried to return money back. The seller simply avoided communication with me. These people are scammers and liars, who take money and provide nothing. Please post your comments about this company.

Jet Pets Animal Transport / People don't fall for it

Mar 06, 2012

I was on pennysaver usa and saw an add for 2 boxer puppy's. The lady jersey briget gave me a sob story about her son dieing in a car accident and that the puppy would be free but i would have to pay 150 for shipping through this company. I paid the money via western union and the company would call my phone numerous times making sure i was paying. Then they would send me an email saying that the puppy should arive as such such time. And then at 6:30 in the morning both days they called saying they came to a problem and that i would owe more money but all this money would be refunded to me blah blah blah... dont fall for it!

Jet Pets Animal Transport / I think i was scammed

Feb 28, 2012

Around June 9th I looked up Hoosier Topics looking for a free Rottweiler puppy. I was told by Sandra that the puppy was free and I had to pay 200$ for the transportation fee. I didn't have that amount of money so I told Sandra and she said she paid 90$ all I have to pay is 110$. So I sent "kimbi marcel" who works with the transportation agency in Cameroon the 110$ and they emailed me and said they received the payment but the sender did not provide a carrier for the puppy to be transported in. They want me to pay 520$ to rent a carrier which they say is "refundable." If the sender...