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Jack Darrell Henry Complaints & Reviews

Jack Darrell Henry - England, West Yorkshire, Huddersfield / Fraud

Sep 13, 2011

Jack Darrell Henry AKA Rewston and AKA Littlewood has set up a few NEW companies at Fitzwilliam St Huddersfield. CT Review Ltd, Happy House Ltd, Shulla Maloola Ltd and Happy Days Promotions Ltd despite being a previous bankrupt Director for other Campanies. Watch out, you're about to be taken in again. Do not trust this man EVER. He is nothing but a CROOK and you will be the poorer for it

Jack Darrell Henry - England, West Yorkshire, Huddersfield / Scoundrel

May 19, 2011

Disgrubtled ex employees and customers abound!! Darrell Henry doesn't believe in paying his staff once he no longer has use for them. To get a refund from CTR as a customer is almost impossible. As a Company they do not deliver what they promise and neither will they!! CTR is about ripping off joe public and any poor unsuspecting hardworking mug he can find. Beware this Company has been served with a petition for Bankruptcy at the beginning of May. God knows how they are still trading; probably using his drug raddled mrs Penelope Syglinda Henry (aka Shahla Rezaie) to open Bank accounts. It's not just about having balls Darrell, it's about letting others know about you and stopping you deceiving people!!!