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ITT Technical Institute Complaints & Reviews

ITT Technical Institute - California, West Covina / teaching, kicked off school not allowed to graduate

Jan 6, 2018

I started at ITT West Covina for course in Web Design. Tried to get financing and was denied. I approached the principal and she told me to speak to a Asian Finance Manger and I tried to quit and was told I could not as I have signed to take the course and was told to speak to counselor and than was told to go to my council Person who never replied to me. I got letter from the counselor which was fraud that he knew me for years. FYI I have seen a counselor at EDD El Monte who walks with limp passing out flyers at EDD which I found is not legal. Regardless I waited for response as instructed by Finance...

ITT Technical Institute - Michigan, Holly / financial aid department

Aug 16, 2013

I am having a problem with the financial aid department at ITT Technical Institute. The person in charge of processing my loan did not process it correctly and will not return my phone calls. They will not even provide me a full accounting of my loans and how they are applied. I have contacted the corporate office and the US Department of Education to request assistance but no one will return my phone calls and it has been months. I have submitted the following email to many divisions of ITT Tech and the US Department of Education. I really could use some assistance to at least tell me how I...

ITT Technical Institute / avoid itt tech

Oct 10, 2011

I wish I would have listened to my brother when he told me not to attend ITT Tech. He graduated in 2004 and had a very hard time getting a job. He eventually found a great job through a friend. He has friends in high positions and they let him know that they really don't like hiring people from ITT because they give degrees to everyone. In fact, they even made the news in my city when a student submitted a recipe and received an "A" with a "Good Job" comment. My problems with ITT Tech occurred quickly. I first enrolled in August of 2009, but due to a family emergency I had to drop...way...

ITT Technical Institute - Wisconsin, Green Bay / grade walk off / grade inflation / other questionable practices

Jun 19, 2011

I have a list of complaints from this so-called university, too many to list in this forum so I will focus on the most important ones. As a single mother, tempted by the commercials of a brighter future, I attended ITT Tech, Green Bay WI Campus, from 2002-2004 and have an Associate's "Degree" in Multimedia. My 1st quarter, two weeks before the final grading, our instructor walked off with our grades. We then had a fill in, and we were literally graded on two weeks worth of work for two classes. For some students doing poorly, this increased their grade and GPA, for others doing well, it...

ITT Technical Institute - Louisiana, ST ROSE / employees not qualified for their positions per corporate job posting

Mar 17, 2011

Campus: saint rose - 098 Director: william wells (approved hire) Director of career services: r. Christian bilich (hiring manager) Curent staff: patricia marshall and shelia jones Problem: neither has a bachelor's degree as required by job posting. How can the itt students have gainful employment when the representatives of the department to assist in finding employment are not properly educated per the job posting??? Job posting from itt web site: Career services specialist Requirements Bachelor’s degree in social science, discipline, human resources, business, marketing or a related...

ITT Technical Institute - Louisiana, ST ROSE / itt methods causing students to not graduate

Mar 17, 2011

Students involved: c. carter, p. mckay, and g. turner Itt employees involved: dennis artis, registrar, renee s. hall, associate dean, and william wells, director Problem: the registrar and associate dean (approved by the director) put these students online without prior notification and these students felt that they had to try the course because they were in their last quarter. they feel they were not advised properly. these students were placed in online courses during week 1 (no advising performed) and given no opportunity to test out. they sat in class waiting for the instructor but wa...

ITT Technical Institute - Louisiana, St Rose / students failed

Mar 17, 2011

I am writing because I believe that ITT Technical Institute may be trying to circumvent the "program integrity" mentioned on your web site regarding the gainful employment regulations: Dated: September 24, 2010 "The Department of Education today announced that it is on schedule to implement new regulations of the for-profit education sector dealing with gainful employment and 13 other issues to protect students and taxpayers... Final regulations to ensure program integrity in federal financial aid programs are scheduled for publication on or around November 1, 2010, and will go into effect on...

ITT Technical Institute / a year wasted & further in dept!

Feb 23, 2011

As most i too fell victim to itt-tech. while attending this *** heap...i had come extremely close in gaining a position with two separate networking companies. the interviews went well, the energy was quite positive until the three magic letters came into the air...i...t...t! before i knew it the eye contact was broke and the employer was talking on the cellphone! *** you itt tech!! if you are pursuing a promising career itt-tech is not the one! earn a certification it cisco, red hat, windows 7, windows server 2008 *** you itt-tech!!!

ITT Technical Institute / over priced non transferrable credits

Feb 3, 2011

Mistake of a lifetime, they encourage people to stay in their program regardless of proficiency. All they are after is cha-ching Stick to public schools, community colleges. Your best interest is the goal of public schools if you drop a class they will not call you to keep you in a program you are ill suited for.

ITT Technical Institute / scams

Jan 31, 2011

I was being billed from sallie mae money I did not owe. When taken my taxes they stated that was all i owed but never could give me a receipt for payoff. NOw come to find out they billed me for $8, 147.87 who can i contact to complain besides their attornies? I called Eric Reicin there attorny he said he could not answer any questions and can not help me. I know that there has been alot of complaints and to let people know i went through ITT Technical Institute which a scam. I know a representative / recruiter quit because of their scams.

ITT Technical Institute - Washington, Spokane / poor education, but huge loans


Itt Technical Institute is a rip off! The recruiter are lieing big time just to get you sign up for these huge unbelievable loans. They lie that ITT Tech. has top of the line education that ranks like 2nd or 3rd. - BS. We had 15 minutes of lectures per week in CAD classes. I was recieving Highest Honors each quater i was there. Well, it took me a year to realize that theyir credits don't transfer to any onther university or community college and that all of my friends who have graduated are still looking for work. They could find a job for 3 years already. Thats sucks isn't it...So...

ITT Technical Institute / predatory company, zero integrity


I am a former instructor for ITT, having chosen to quit after learning the truth about what goes on behind the scenes inside the ITT system. If you are considering any ITT school, LOOK ELSEWHERE. The reasons? 1) Frankly, you will be embarrassing yourself if you attend there. Anyone can get into ITT; in fact, the recruiters target low-income, minority, and under-qualified candidates to attend. The majority of the students I knew were not even reading or writing at the high-school level. Many of them did not even have a concept of how to behave in a college classroom. 2) You will not find a...

ITT Technical Institute / don't go there


In my opinion I was ripped off by ITT TECH. 50K for a 2 year degree. Was told how I would save lots of money on books, lab fees because they were included with the class cost. Well at $400+ a credit hour and each class being 4 credits. 96 credits later with interest 50K. Here's my problem. A basic class like Composition 1, same as English 101 at a real college. Here's how they got me. composition 1, 4 credits cost 4X433 Books free = $1732 12 weeks 4 hours = 48 hours of classes. Now at a real college here's the math. English 101, 3 credits + cost of books. 3X259 + $89 for book...

ITT Technical Institute / stay away


I've submitted complaints about ITT Tech before (on this site and some others). However, there are people out there who claim that the ITT Techs at their location does not suck and offers a very good education. With that said, I guess I can't say every ITT Tech *** since they do operate with over a hundred campuses nationwide. I don't know which ones suck and which ones don't, but I've read blogs and talked to people going to ITT Techs at a lot of other states and most of them have been saying the same things that I have. It's all over the internet and students at...

ITT Technical Institute / very poor education quality


I am a current student here at this school and I'm sad to say that I highly regret coming here in the first place. First reason is the quality of education and the second reason is the cost. When I first started here, I was very enthusiastic and motivated about pursuing higher education and thought I was in the right place to be. I was a high school student who graduated one year prior to enrollment at ITT. Little did I know that this school was a for-profit school that was all about making money and NOT delivering the product their students are paying for (a quality education). Now there...

ITT Technical Institute / waste of money


ITT Technical Institute is a joke. One would be better off taking a fake bank to the check, take $100 of $5000 and send the rest to some anonymous address overseas. I taught at ITT a couple of years ago and trust me it is all about the students. The students can do whatever they want and still pass. One student came once out of 11 weeks and got an A. One of the deans changed the grade. At the ITT in Maryland, most of the students cannot read and write. And they are always questioning the instructor and complaining to the dean. The instructor's work area is ridiculous, as there are "new...

ITT Technical Institute / poor education, con job, horrible company for which to work


Hello all. I left my job as a representative/recruiter at ITT Technical Institute, not long ago. I have been perusing through the complaints online and have decided to share with you what we are taught as "Educational Recruiters/Counselors" at ITT Technical Institute. First of all, be wary of any place that asks you to come visit the school and all of a sudden, you are being asked to schedule a financial aid appt. You see, as a former rep, I was instructed by my supervisor just to sell you guys the appointment and once you get in the school, make the sale. Second, you will be told it i...

ITT Technical Institute - Virginia / poor quality education, inflexible system


I finished up a two year degree in Computers and IT at a two year college and decided to further my education by returning to school for a Bachelor's at ITT Tech. I began speaking with my recruiter, who was very pleasant but pretty much rushed me into a meeting with her. I met with the recruiter and I took the entrance exam, yes ITT Tech actually has an entrance exam, after I passed I was shown a nice powerpoint that pretty much made me feel like this was the perfect decision to make. When I told her that I already possessed an associate's degree in IT work she basically told me...

ITT Technical Institute - California / fradulent application for loans


ITT TECHNICAL Institute - SALLIE MAE I would like someone to contact me, I want to file a lawsuit against ITT Technical Institute when applying for school in 2002 I was told sallie mae was my only option. ITT Technical Institute failed to state my accurate race which is Hispanic and they entered my data as a Caucasian. (I just discovered this error in January 2010 when reviewing the original documentation) I believe I have a strong case against ITT Tech for doing this. I would have received free government loans if my race was entered as Hispanic now I'm almost homeless paying three loan...

ITT Technical Institute / fraud


I am working for ITT and I know what’s going on, everybody knows ITT-TECH and their fabricated information and invented reports, I am surpassed they still in the education business, they should be in the Sublime loans or any fraud and unethical business. The only concern of the management in the HQ is to increase profits and do not care about students, I believe ITT Tech soon will go down because I know about many lawsuits waiting for ITT. Who would have thought that an educational institute in the U.S.A can be allowed to be up and running with so many complaints, ethics, morals violations, and educational deception and fraud.