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Iron Mountain Complaints & Reviews

Iron Mountain - New South Wales / Charged Card after Cancellation


I have been a customer of Iron Mountain for some time. I've used their Connected data protection service to do backups of my critical data. <br /> <br /> 1. Three days ago, I lost my main data drive – total failure, all data lost. I replaced it with an external drive and tried to use Connected to restore some of the settings and date. Connected kept crashing – probably because the data drive was gone – making the data I’ve been paying them for years to protect, inaccessible right when I needed it most. Thankfully, I also have on-site backup and was able...

Iron Mountain - Massachusetts, Boston / BEWARE EXHORBITANT FEES


Beware the exhorbitant fees charged for retrieval, permanent withdrawal, etc. when you want to terminate your contract with them. Also, if you miss the limited window of opportunity, your contract will be automatically extended. Not worth the hassle. Store your files locally.

Iron Mountain - Pennsylvania, Collegeville / Administrative and destruction fees


Iron Mountain is now charging all customers an administrative fee of $25.12 per month for "maintenance and administrative" services. Why? What additional services are you giving to the customer that warrants this additional monthly charge. The system is entirely computerized and has been for the year and 1/2 that I have been using them. Since the customer does all the ordering, etc. online, which means more work for the customer and less work for Iron Mountain, why are we stuck paying an additional fee and getting nothing in return? I have also requested files in the warehouse to be destroyed...