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IQ Data International Complaints & Reviews

IQ Data International / Judgment

Aug 16, 2015

In the yr 2011, there was a judgment entered in favor of Mapleton Homes Apts. The Apts sold the debt to IQ. In 2015, thru Experian and Equifax the entries posted by IQ were disputed and deleted. IQ failed to verify within the required time frames. Currently, IQ is still reporting to Transunion. When judgments are sold, the transfer must be recorded on the court docket or it is not valid. IQ refuses to provide the required documentation & continues to report to Transunion. After numerous disputes through this specific credit reporting agency, IQ simply responds simply as "verified". Please any recommendations second to an Attorney are appreciated in advance.

IQ Data International - Washington, Everett / Held Hostage by the devil

Oct 22, 2014

2011 I rent a low income apt being cheap and stay 11 months the all hell broke loose black mole, sparkling stove the apt true colors came out a letting not for the flooding refrigerator. In all I left, the place after maintenance wouldn't response . Hire and cleaning crew and moveing crew. Went to court with the Landing Apts now Center Pointe Apt Raleigh Nc fishy name changes, the small claim was dismissed by a Judge . Here come Iq data thirsty ask me no question, on my credit report just humping it. So after 4 years called IQ data today they joked saying I will never rent another apt, plus they refused to take any payments.. I want the slave master Iq data to clear my report, they dont want a payment.

IQ Data International / Federal offense and harassment

Jun 16, 2014

A woman parked illegally in front of my house, came on my property, up to my gate (setback 10 feet from the property line) and rattled the gate as hard as possible, which also dislodged my mailbox. I came out and she asked if I knew of a specific person, I said no, she then asked who I was. I told her I am not giving any personal information to her. She then claimed she did not make the statements from a minute earlier. Clearly under the influence or perhaps a memory issue. She then started to verbally harass me and attempt to leave papers in my mail box. I demanded that she leave my property...

IQ Data International - Washington, Everett / showing no proof of debt

Jul 13, 2012

I had cosigned for a friend of mine to get an apartment in 2009. He left in 2010, then i was hit with a collections debt of 2400 of "damages" to the apartment. IQ data international are the ones handling this matter.. 8 months ago i disputed this with experian and i won. This account was removed because they failed to show me proof of receipts and pictures of the "damages"... Now 2 days ago a fellow name Doug Jones started calling me harassing me telling me i have to pay or they are going to sue me. I said i already disputed this and he said they are going to put it back on my credit. That i...

IQ Data International - Washington, Seattle / Harassment

Dec 10, 2011

This Company called every day for months telling me that I owed them $353.99 They then refused to tell me any more information until I gave them my Social Security number. After giving them the last four digits of my social Security number and filing a police report claiming fraud, they finally said that their records were wrong and took me off of their call list. This company deserves to have its license revoked.

IQ Data International - Washington / Credit Report has not been revised since Jan.2010

Jul 19, 2011

I rented an apartment with Visconti for 6 months from Sept.2007 to Feb.2008 but I moved to Bay Area in Jan. 2008 before my lease expires. I paid the 2 months eventhough I was not living there and left a note that I was gonna leave that I wrote in a sticky note and I even told the manager (Nelson Bennett) that I was gonna move to the Bay Area but will come back in February to get my stuff which I also said in my note. When I came back in February, there was a new manager and Nelson was gone and they said he moved to a different apartment. I spoke to the new manager on the phone because I wa...

IQ Data International - Washington / Harrasment

Feb 16, 2011

As a currently unemployed third party collector I can first of all say that I know the laws and what can and cannot be said during a collection call by a third party collector. IQ Data International has been repeatedly harrassing me regarding an overinflated bill due to an apartment complex I recently had to move out of due to unemployment. My best friend also moved out of this apartment complex before his lease was up and he was never even sued. The apartment complex has my roommates phone number yet not one harrassing phone call has been made to him, only to me. I was told by the...

IQ Data International - California, Murriuta / Eviction fees


After they evicted me, now they claim I owe for cleaning and court cost which they never went to court in the first place, they are trying to threaten me with a law suit that I owe them 2, 062.00 for things which they had to such as to evict me for that cost, there was no lawyer no court prcceedings at all.Plus I paided my rent one month ahead of time so thet got all my rent money and now they want more blood. This is IQ data internatioal collections. 1-888-248-2509

IQ Data International - Washington, Everett / Collection Agency


Out of the blue, I get a letter from IQ Data International stating I owe nearly $3000 in back rent to an apartment complex. Problem - I never lived there, never co-signed for anyone who had, never even heard of the place. I called IQDI and after bouncing around through 3-4 people, two cities and two states (Everett and Seattle, WA, then to somewhere in Arizona) I finally get hold of a 'rep' who informed me that after I was evicted from this complex, the debt was turned over to them for collection. After patiently repeating the phrase 'This is a case of identity theft' every...

IQ Data International / evil people


im dealing with Beoncia..aka ### from hell. she calls and says i owe 5400 and its due in a week and a half...yeah not gunna happen. so i ask for her to send me some kind of paperwork showing me this bill, she tells me she doesnt have too, and then she tells me(after we argue) that she doenst even have to accept my money!!! can you believe that, then she starts threatening me with legal actions and all this crap, but all i could say to her was is if i dont have a bill in my hand i dont have to believe one word of what she is saying...she could be making this number up for all i know!?! i wa...

IQ Data International - Washington, Everett / RUDE


This rent collect collection agency is rude and demeaning!! They won a judgement against me and the Judge even said that they are willing to make payment arrangements with you. I called the next day to make the payment arrangements and Dale was very rude and was only willing to go from 25% garnishment to 20%. I told him that I could not afford that and he said that he was not a finance company and that I owed him that money!! First of all the money was not owed to them, it was owed to the apartment complex that hired them. I then called the old apartments and told the manager of the complex...

IQ Data International - Texas, Amarillo / identity fraud, extortion


i recently applied for a home mortgage when i learned that IQ data international turned me in to all 3 credit beauros for non payment of $5370 to wood hollow apts in san antonio, tx. Although i've never received a letter or phone call from anyone, I explained to the company that i've never lived there and they have the wrong person. IQ told me i needed to prove to them that it wasn't me, so i did though fax. I was then told by them that I was out of luck, and there was nothing they could do about it. After filing a police report, i learned there were 2 people with my exact name living in san antonio. I want this company put out of business.

IQ Data International - Washington, Everett / Harrassment and Unauthorized use of unlisted, unpublished cell phone numbers


This company called my home phone number seeking my younger son, whom hasn't lived here for years. They also called me on my work phone, leaving a voice mail while I was out of town last week. The same day they called my eldest son using his unlisted, unpublished cell phone number, again to find my younger son. It seems to me that I'm being harrassed for something my younger son may or may not have done. Additionally, isn't it illegal for them to 1) find, use and call an unpublished, unlisted cell phone number of someone they "suspect" is a relative; and 2) to call me on my...