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Insignia Complaints & Reviews

Insignia / I purchased a 48" insignia tv

Jun 12, 2017

Hi I have an account with letgo and bought a 48" insignia TV from C Williams in New York on June 6 2017; she was selling TV for $200 but I offer 175; she gave me the story she need it quick cash to move to Pennsylvania; when I went to buy the TV look OK and she told me it was only 4 months old. I took a cab and met her in her mothers house in Bayside, queens. When she gave me the tv I went back to my house to find out TV is cracked and when u turn it on is the only way to see it. I have called this assume girl many times but she doesn't want to give me my money back. I am about to call the...

Insignia - California, Pinole / They won't exchange damaged item


I purchased a tv from Best Buy on October 14th. When I opened the box the tv screen was cracked. When I returned it to the store they refused it. They said the damage occurred after purchase. The tv was not inspected before I left the store so basically it's my word against theirs.

Insignia - Arizona, Gilbert / CUSTOMER SERVICE


I got 3 of these brand TV's (52", 47", 19") in DEC.2008.47" broke, no picture, in 6months.Took back to store to get fixed got treated the same way the 7 members of the NEW MEXICO SEXTORTURER GANG treated me when I tried to stop TWO white girls from being murdered by them.I got out the store and filed a complaint with corporate and they said they saw nothing wrong(security video has no sound I guess and blind spots).Corportae said I didn't get treated like ###, like they know what it is, or they are chummy with O.J. SIMPSON.I spent over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS AT BEST BUT, BUT NOTHING EVER AGAIN!I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THEY GOT O.J. TO BE THEIR SPOKESPERSON.