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Innovative Merchant Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Innovative Merchant Solutions - California, Woodland Hills / abusive practices against merchants

Christopher - NJ on Jun 25, 2011

Don't deal with this company if you own a small business. There are plenty of other vendors. We signed up with them (I think through QuickBooks) to take credit cards. They pull my credit report - in duplicate - on a recurring basis (not a new account). They managed to drop my score from 774 to 764. Unless you want to give up 10 FICO points regularly, I would shop elsewhere.

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Questionable Business Practices

Dee Gee on Apr 16, 2011

This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I am more and more convinced they are operating some kind of scam. Through my use of Intuit Quickbooks I was referred to an offer to get a free merchant account called Intuit GoPayment that turns out to be run by this company which is a division of Intuit. The offer (through an Intuit website) was for a no-monthly-fee merchant account with a free card reader to use with iPhone. The processing fees were competitive and it seemed to be a good deal. I signed up and promptly got a charge of $60 on my bank account. After...

Innovative Merchant Solutions - California / fees

glass lady on Jan 26, 2011

Sales person put in writing that there would be no back end fees, no hidden charges only a monthly fee of $7.99. I was charged 24.95 per month plus $75.00 annual fee and when I questioned their charges and filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau, they closed my account and charged me $295.00. I can't believe that Intuit is part of this, I always thought Quick Books was a good business, but QB is Intuit and Intuit is the one that Innovative Merchant Solutions is saying they represent.

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Stole money from me

Monymus on Jan 12, 2011

Innovate Merchant Solutions has 2000 dollars from a stolen machine that wasn't batched and refuses to give me my money. I will be taking them to court! On top of that, they charged me fees after I went bankrupt and faxed them their required paper work saying I was out of business. They just claimed they never received it and continued to send me bills for years. If you want to take credit cards, I wouldn't go with this company. They have horrible service and inflated fees. Please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere Good luck with this company, I faxed and sent certified letters -- they claim that they never received any of them.

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Bad service


Incredible!! this is one awful company.. We made a charge the charge went through on the customer's end. Innovative Solutions is still withholding our funds. When asked why they say they want our customer to call them.. Our customer is traveling and is not even from the U.S. The charge was accepted by Amex but is being held.. Why? because this is our first charge?? Huh? I cant even get anyone to assist me. I assume they prefer to keep the money for as long as they can. So, now we might lose this sale. I have called everywhere and no one at that company even cares. They all sound like they are either uneducated or just plain arrogant.

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Steals money


This company has the worst and the most unqualified customer service ever. This includes basically all departments. I think they are all high school dropouts. The dumbest people I’ve ever had to deal with. It is sad that company like Intuit doesn’t want to do anything about it. Unfortunately if you are merchant you may suffer financially because of that poor service. In my case, first time when I ran into trouble was when they withheld my deposit the first time. Here is what happened. I process online orders in Quick Books. I need to obtain AVS and CVV match in order to protect...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Unprofessional service, withelding funds


I've been with Innovative Merchant Solutions for 18 months now. This company has the worst and the most unqualified customer service ever. This includes basically all departments. I think they are all high school dropouts. The dumbest people I’ve ever had to deal with. It is sad that company like Intuit doesn’t want to do anything about it. Unfortunately if you are merchant you may suffer financially because of that poor service. In my case, first time when I ran into trouble was when they withheld my deposit the first time. Here is what happened. I process online orders in...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / fraud

You must stay away from Innovative Merchant Solutions. Innovative Merchant Solutions is a bunch of scammers. We tried to make a minor change to our account with them six months ago and ran into red tape and poor customer service that was beyond belief. Finally after hours on the phone and multiple faxes, they handled our problem. Then a friend suggested a new person to handle our credit card processing needs and so we accepted (that was in November or December) and we faxed Innovative a sheet of paper declaring our intention to leave them (after spending hours on the phone determining the...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Fraudulent company

I became a customer of Innovative Merchant Solutions in July of 2007 when I took over an existing small business. It happened fairly quickly so I didn't take the time I should have in searching for a credit card processor. The previous owner used Quickbooks Point of Sale and also used Quickbook's credit card processor, which is IMS in disguise. After going through the application process which took about 2 weeks, I was informed that due to my lack of credit history and since I was a new business owner, that they required a deposit amount equal to my projected monthly credit card sale...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Unauthorized charges


This company has quite a scam to hold other peoples money. They are holding up several of my clients funds by doing a bogus fraud investigation. My clients purchases were verified by their own credit card companies. Both my clients, my clients credit card companies, and myself has authorized the transactions. Innovative Merchant Solutions has taken the money from my clients and refuses to give the funds to me (the vendor) despite authentication and verification by my clients own credit card companies. I would highly recommend NEVER doing business with these crooks. They threatened to hold the funds for 270 days!! This cant be legal.

Innovative Merchant Solutions - California, Woodland Hills / poor service


I have read the reviews and I have to agree with them. Quickbooks Merchant Service- run by Innovative Merchant Solutions in my opinion, is a complete joke. I have been a small business owner for over 13 years and have tried several different services. The lure for me was the convenience of having payments processed from within Quickbooks at the click of a mouse. BEWARE, it comes at a very steep price. Not only are the rates high, the funding time is super-slow and if you need help, forget it. No one there really cares how your business is affected by their mistakes or their "procedures". If you have...

Innovative Merchant Solutions - California, Woodland Hills / Customer Service


Innovative Merchant Solution's customer service skills are horrible, and this is evidenced by the fact that their employees are not allowed to present their names (not even their first names) upon request. Instead, they refer to themselves by department, like “IMS Customer Service” and “IMS Underwriting” aka “Underwriting Department”. After I decided to choose another service provider, I asked IMS to erase my application, which included sensitive information, like my bank account and routing number, and my social security number, etc. They flat-out...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Fraud and Scam


It is unfortunate that another small business owner had to fall pray to the deceiving tactics of two Innovative Merchant Solutions (IMS), an INTUIT (R) Company. Two unassuming representatives pressured a merchant to sign two "Applications" for the purchase of two ATM machines. The merchant continuously stated that there was no interest in purchasing the machines and therefore would not be interested in signing a contract. Preying on a merchant with a limited understanding of contractual agreements and reading the English language, continued their "sales pitch" in an effort to convince the...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Harassment


I started a Web only retail business thru GoDaddy and signed up with Innovative Merchant Solutions under a 'Web Only' program that did not have all the fees of other accounts. After my first bank statement, I noticed fee's where being charged that I did not agree to. I contacted Innovative Merchant Solutions, who got GoDaddy on the phone in a three way call and I was informed there was a mistake and I was signed up for a full blown account with POS for a retail location and the whole works. I reminded them of the package I signed up for and the gladly offered to change to web only...

Innovative Merchant Solutions - California / Witholding monies for weeks


We are an art gallery based in Florida doing a lot of art fairs and most of them in Europe. Last March we were participating at an art fair in London, and of course trying to sell the art. We sold approx 30 pieces and we processed the cards on their website. So far so good ! When we were back, Innovative Merchant Solutions contacted us stated that they have to verify 2 transactions, and we just need to send a copy of the invoice. No problem ! The same we sent copy of the invoice + copy of the debit authorization where client's name, address, phone number and email are mentioned. The...

Innovative Merchant Solutions - California, Calabasas / Scam and rip off!


On March 10th, 2008 I regrettably became another victim of Innovative Merchants Solutions. The first batch approximately $23, 000 was composed of several transactions. After being contacted by the incredibly rude and unhelpful risk management department, they told me they were unable to verify these transactions and I needed to fax over all the invoices and my customers' information (sounds like a familiar scenario). I complied with all their demands for data. (I was advised that I had to fax over every invoice when I accept credit card payments so this would not happen again.) Risk...

Innovative Merchant Solutions - California, Calabasas / Unafair business practises!


Beware of Innovative Merchant Solutions, they never show your agreement unless it's time for your business to close and when you cancel the account they will charge you a termination fee $395.00, even though your business close. I singed up with IMS through Auction Teacher and they said that its great and the agreement they gave me does not show anything about the termination fee. There are several other credit card companies out there and Innovative Merchant Solutions is not the company you should do business with. I read several other complaints about this company and we all agree.

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Salesman misrepresentation!

On June 5, 2007 a sales representive of Innovative Merchant Solutions by the name of PAOLO FIDUCIA came into my shop. He was selling a merchant credit card service. At first, my husband and I told him we weren't interested as we had an online service that we were quite happy with. Mr. Fiducia was not deterred by this. He pointed out that his company had the lowest monthly charges of all suppliers and proceeded to compare the charges of our current provider and those of his. He also stated that his services were the same as ours and would be even less complicated. We were impressed even though...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Lost $6,530.06, a whole days credit card transactions


For the sake of brevity I have noted the key points of problems which is followed by the full text of a letter that I sent IMS. *...misrepresentation by your sales agent George Bylvas of the monthly savings that we would realize... * A whole days transactions... vanished. $6,530.06 had not deposited to our checking account * ...the monthly merchant statement and summary of deposits. They are extremely difficult to interpret, thus making necessary a subscription (for an additional fee) to your online statement. * ...start up time of check authorization services * Your company incorrectly...

Innovative Merchant Solutions / Charged my account without permission!

On August 22, 2006, I purchased a credit card authorization machine package from the company called Innovative Merchant Solutions through Randy Judd, the agent from Auction Teacher Seminar. The agent promised me the world including getting me the machine within 2 to 3 weeks. However, after waiting for over 2 months with numerous calls, the machine or any other device never arrived to my address. Although I did not have the machine, this company charged me monthly minimum fees through my bank account without my permission. I finally canceled the purchase after numerous calls asking for my...