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Innocept Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Innocept Marketing - Texas / Account Executive


As an employee of InnoCept Marketing for over a year, I know completely the ins and the outs of the company. I definitely understand that people are naturally distrusting of the unknown or unfamiliar. I have a few things to say on the ways and the whys of how we do things. First, when we screen for possible candidates, we look for various backgrounds that are related to people/public interaction, possible management experience or direction, and a desire for a career. We do not prey on people in their moments of vulnerability but we are offering opportunity for employment in a time where the...

Innocept Marketing - Texas, Dallas / Job is a scam


I posted my resume on Career of course when I did that, I knew I would get scam jobs emailing me. I didn't however know I would get such a pushy one from this company. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! They tell you that you're going to be a junior account manager, and you will have your own location with in one year, and you end up going door to door selling stuff, not getting paid, not getting promoted, and it is not a marketing job like they say, it is a cold calling, pushy, sales person job. When I recieved this email from Amanda Stewart in the "HR department": Dear Katie...