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Infinity Incentive Group Complaints & Reviews

Infinity Incentive Group - Arizona, Lake Havasu City / Scam!

scaaaammmmmm!!! on Apr 7, 2014

I attended a 2 and half hour seminar located in Tinley Park, IL. After rejecting their sales pitch to sell me on an expensive vacation membership they awarded me "FREE" flight w in the continental U.S & free 3 day 2 night stay at a hotel in the US. after i reviewed and sent in my deposit of $100 in a form of a money order. i have received my confirmation exactly 4 months later) that the date i chose for May 16, 2014 to las vegas is available & that all i would have to pay them would be an additional $1, 329.02 for just the flights. I called them thinking that there was a mistake but they...

Infinity Incentive Group / Cruise offer is Fraud/Scam for more money

Swendt334 on Jun 13, 2013

I received an offer for a 7 day cruise from a timeshare presentation I attended. I read the fine print, followed all the instructions and time frames that were laid out. Clearly this company looks for every opportunity to void the offers to customers. My offer was for an upper/lower berth room. I am currently trying to redeem the certificate for that room, which they offered me but have since found out that the room is not available. In order for me to set foot on the boat and redeem my certificate I have to pay an "upgrade fee" for an inside state room or better at a cost of $850+ PLUS the...

Infinity Incentive Group - Arizona, Lake Havasu City / Refund

JHollenbeck on Nov 7, 2012

I too paid the $598.00 fee for the Upper/Lower Berth Staterooms that so many have: But when time comes for booking those rooms were not available and I would have to pay more for different rooms. So I requested a refund of my deposit, in which i was told by Jodi that I would have to mail it in and would take 8 weeks to process. So I did so on May 18th 2012. Nearly 6 months later (yea so much for an 8 week...

Infinity Incentive Group - Missouri / Scam


I went to a sales presentation for 90 minutes and they tried to sell us a package on our credit card. It was supposedly worth 9999.00 but they said we could get it for 3000. What a scam. Just to play along, and get the free airfaire and cruise, I led them on and was filling out the paperwork to join, knowing dam well I was going to cancel anyway. Why would I pay 3000.00 so they can book vacations for so called 1/2 price. Either way you are paying for the trip. Got to the end of the paperwork and it had a 300.00 cancellation fee. I laughed and got up. They gave me a voucher for the free...

Infinity Incentive Group - Florida, Clearwater / offer was voided

James E. Ellis on Jul 19, 2012

I received a call from a Marketing Firm for Global Vacation Network. The purpose of the call was to attend a 90 minute presentation to demonstrate ways you could save money by being a member of the club etc. We were given a local agency to contact and schedule the 90 min presentation. When we got there and signed in, during the presentation we discover that we were already members of the Global Vacation Club. Therefore, we were entitled to a free gift due to the fact there were no obligation and the prize would be free. We selected the round trip anywhere in the United States, $300 gas or...

Infinity Incentive Group / Fees on Free Cruise

MAW75 on Jun 6, 2012

Was given a Certificate for a free cruise, but had to pay $598 up front for port fees etc. Well, when we got the intinerary for the cruise it was going to cost me more than if I just went out to the Cruise line and booked it. And it did not include airfare. This is a scam to get 589 dollars per couple. We asked when was non-peak time and that was when we booked, but were told afterwards it was peak time. Online the same rooms cost %25 per person, and were the better interior stateroom than described below. Here is the information put on my intinerary: Inside Stateroom (1A) Upper/Lower Berth...

Infinity Incentive Group / FEES ARE RIDICULOUS

jelosteed on Jun 1, 2012

I received the offer as so many others have, of a 7 day cruise. There were port taxes and fees of $598 and I was perfectly willing to pay this. However, when I received my Travel Request Form, it stated that at time of confirmation, I would also have to pay a minimum of $223 to $362 per person. I called, expecting to confirm that these additional fees were to pay for any upgrades that I might request. I was told that no, this additional amount was for additional fees and taxes and that would only get me a tiered bunk bed in an interior room, and that there would be ADDITIONAL FEES for any...

Infinity Incentive Group - Florida / Port Tax Refund

Hame on Jan 18, 2012

I paid a port tax of $598.00 on 9/23/2011. When we found we could not schedule a cruise I phoned and ask about a refund of my port tax. Since no cruise had been scheduled I was told I would get my refund. I must request it in writing. I did this on Oct 17th, 2011. Nov. 28, I called a inquired about my refund. Spoke with Leah. She said I should expect my check soon after Dec. 19th Jan. 6th 2012 I called again, this time I spoke with Jennifer. She did not know why my refund had not been sent, but she would see that it go out Mon, the 9th of Jan. Today Jan. 18th I have tried to call twice and both...

Infinity Incentive Group - Arizona / STOLE MONEY


Infinity Incentive Group / Travel Voucher

They seem to find any excuse not to honor the free vacation you receive from Global Travel. First voucher I was given had expired and the second one I sent in was voided because it was not sent certified mail. Global Travel entices you to buy their services with these worthless vouchers. It's all a scam.

Infinity Incentive Group - Arizona, Lake Havasu City / FREE AIRLINE TICKET SCAM

My wife and I attened a seminar that our friend had given them our name for them to call about a travel group. We were not told anything except we would receive a pair of airline tickets for anywhere we wanted just to attend and listen to this presentation by their saleseman named Don( phone number 972-385-0524).We were hesitant about this but was assured it was not a scam. When we were told the cost for this, we knew we could not afford it so we turned it down and so they gave us the voucher for the free airline tickets, after reading the instructions and sending our first 100.00 for the...

Infinity Incentive Group - Arizona, Lake Havasu City / did nt refund deposit of $100


Dear Sir: The following company: Infinity Incentive Group P.O. 3479 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405 WEB Page: Phone Numbers: 1-866-333-7305 (Customer Service) 1-800-309-6192 offered a free travel promotion to anywhere in the USA. In order to do this, they requested a $100 prepayment to cover service fees and taxes. We were given Pin # P158623 and sent the paperwork for a travel request. It was not possible to return the paperwork in time because I was on vacation. Due to a number of restrictions, it was unlikely that we could book travel to the...

Infinity Incentive Group / never received gas rebate

I donated my vehicle to Goodwill and was offered a "$300 Gas Pass Rebate Offer." It cost me $35 to enroll in the program, which claimed to rebate $25 for every $100 in gas spentm provided $100 was spent within one month. I sent in all the required registration materials via certified mail, and never heard back from them. I researched online and found phone numbers on this website, but no one answers. No help through email either. I am currently trying to get my refund through Goodwill. By the looks of the complains on this website, I would not join any of their various "reward" offers.

Infinity Incentive Group - Arizona, Lake Havasu City / Rip off


BUYER BE WARE! Infinity Incentive Group should change their name to the “Rip-off Group”. I signed up for a seminar and as a thank you I was given a gas rebate program with instruction on what you have to do to claim a $25 gas coupon on a monthly basis for one year. To start with, you have to pay $35 to register, they will then send you a form which you have to include with your first month’s submittal. Each submittal has to be sent certified mail with a stamped self-addressed envelope (SSAE). Well, I paid the $35, got the first month’s form, saved my gas receipts a...

Infinity Incentive Group / Their FREE flights are a scam


Do Not even bother trying to get your FREE flights from these folks, the entire thing is a scam. After sending in my $100 deposit, and spending a bundle on certified mail to get my request registered, the best prices they could come up with for my FREE flight weren't even as good as what I could locate and book myself. Save yourself enormous headache and just skip this whole scam.

Infinity Incentive Group / Free travel never received

I went to a presentation for the travel club and was promised for attending that I would receive a set of luggage which would be there and free airline tickets. When we got there there was no luggage, just another voucher for travel. I sent both vouchers in and received a letter back on both. The first one asked for #100 reservation fee the second one for a $50 reservation fee. Then there were time frames and procedures to follow. That wasn't what they promised when they send me the original offer. One thing lead to another and they got $50 out of me, but I got zero out of them. What a ripoff!!!

Infinity Incentive Group - Arizona, Lake Havasu City / 2 FREE airline tickets cost more than I would have to pay to fly across US


2 free airline tickets cost more than I would have to pay to fly across US if I shopped for my tickets!! Free costs hundreds of dollars in fees and taxes. Free to me means no cost!

Infinity Incentive Group / No refund of money received

I sent a check on june6, 2007 for deposit for a cruise from them. I sent them also a certified letter to them requesting my deposit back. I have not heard a word or phone from them. Have i lost my money?

Infinity Incentive Group / Free cruise is scam!

Infinity Incentive Group have not only ignored my letters to refund my $598 for port fees for the supposed free cruise. We never got a free cruise OR the 2 free nights in Lake Tahoe, CA. To make matters worse, none of their phone numbers work. This is a scam artist company and someone needs to take a stand!!! I am out over $600 from this company and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me?

Infinity Incentive Group / Fraud/rip off for travel trip

I received a voucher for two free trips to Las Vegas, NV from a seminar/timeshare deal (CGI) I attended. Needless to say the package did not come through and I lost $100. I can never reach Infinity Incentive Group's 800 number. This is a fraud/Rip Off company. Please be aware from my mistake. Below is their address information. Please be aware 8777 East Via De Ventura Suite 399 Scottsdale, AZ 85258