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IGE stinks on Feb 6, 2014

i bought 20 dollars in world of warcraft gold. It has been 2 weeks and they didnt deliver. I got emails from them saying they are working on it. They said 48 hours. I am glad i did a test for 20 vs the 200. I went to another supplier 6k and they sent it in less than 24 hours. I still am mad that i am out 20 dollars and my time talking to them. DOnt buy . My guess it that they either wait until they get a few orders on that server because it cost 15 a month to play and my order was 20. Or they didnt have any in the "bank" and no one to farm it. Just avoid, simple . / Completely non-responsive, and unreachable

Grenam on Feb 15, 2011

To start off right at the point, I use PayPal for all my internet purchases. This site is so bad that even with an open claim with PayPal, they come up with excuse after excuse to excuse their obligation to deliver paid for goods that have been confirmed. The money for my purchased item has been confirmed by PayPal and was already removed from my bank account. The site guarantees 24 hour deliver, since most people who buy these goods don't have the time to "grind" for them. It has been over 72 hours, and this site has become completely non-responsive, and unreachable. There is no live... / Fraud, refusal to deliver product or refund.

Purchased 3000G from them. got the confirm e-mail saying it was being processed. 26 hours later 1260G was delivered. That was 3 days ago, and i have received nothing more. Their claimed "live chat" is an automated e-mail system that sends you automated replies. Twice contected them via this system and twice i received not a similar.. but the EXACT SAME response. "Thank you for informing us that you have received the 1260 gold. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. I acknowledge that we have yet to meet our commitment to you. No excuses. The remaining 1740 gold i... / Customer service and delivery

No has in the past been very fast and reliable. I will give them that. However, it has become increasingly hard to get them to deliver any orders for Everquest currency within a reasonable time frame. It seems Everquest platinum is always out of stock, and this is something they do not bother informing their customers of before you have already placed your order and payed. Granted, I did have a look around the other similar sites, and it seems they all suffer from this problem. However, at least they provided me with a live chat option in which I could ask a real life person to check for... / Non delivery of virtual currency

I purchased 'gil' the currency used in Final Fantasy XI, over a week ago which I have not received. I have sent them email after email that all I get is auto reply for. They guarantee to supply within 24 hours, their 'contact us 24/7' is a crock, the 1 email I did get was a 'please be patient, this has been escalated to the manager and your order will be filled ASAP when our suppliers provide the product' It is my opinion that they are selling online game currency that they don't have, which I would have thought is illegal. Paypal are not much better with we... - Texas, Katy / Online thieves

I used IGE.COM and after a week of no delivery, I asked for a full refund. The next day I got an email from PayPal saying my refund was made. I sent it to PayPal and they confirmed that the email was a spoof. A FAKE! So not only did IGE.COM defraud and steal from me, they impersonated PayPal and involved/tarnished the reputation of PayPal for letting them use there service for the illegal activities. It now begs the question, why would PayPal let IGE.COM continue to use them when the have confirmation that they are crooks? Wouldn't that make PayPal crooks as well or at least accessories to the theft? - Washington / Fraud, deceptive practices!

IGE are Frauds!! Wow, where do I start. They are selling a product they don't have in stock. There "live 24/7 support" is an automated email response that doesn't answer questions or concerns. They promise instant delivery, it has been days and I have not received my product. They claim they will refund your money, but conveniently don't answer those requests. They have stolen from me. If anyone else is considering them DO NOT. If you are considering a lawsuit, count me in... / Scam and cheating!

I made a purchase and 3 days later at their web site it still says Delivery in progress After i have asked for a Total Refund. DON'T USE IGE , internet ROBBERS, I need a Lawyer for these people. / Fraud and cheating!

Just to let you guys know, I was just scammed by I tried to buy 5000g and they said it would take some time for them to get the gold. Of course they tell me this AFTER I paid for it and AFTER they confirmed via chat that the gold was in stock. Finally, after 36 hours, some guy sends me a tell in broken english demanding that I meet him in goldshire. I was in MC at the time but he refused to mail the gold. So, I leave the MC run, meet up with the guy and he gives me 745g and says he'll have the rest shortly. Over the next few days, I got emails with small sums of gold that totaled 3900g. When I contacted via their chat room, they refused to help. Beware people! / Failed to deliver product!

Don't use!! If you buy gold for the online game WoW (World of Warcraft) do not use They may appear to be reputable by the number of sites that seem to endorse them, but don't trust them. They only delivered about 1/2 the gold they had promised and only after weeks of complaining to them. And they have refused to give me a refund for the rest that they have not delivered. This after 2 months! And they LIE to me claiming that they have delivered more gold when in fact they did not deliver any at all. This company,, is a ripoff and should be investigated for...