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iCandy/Canvas Vending/Mark Sarnoff Complaints & Reviews

iCandy/Canvas Vending/Mark Sarnoff - Arizona / Fraud

Jul 26, 2012

This guy must be a low life... He offered a friend of mine a job and my friend wanted me to look over the offer letter that looked very unusual. The first thing I noticed was numerous grammatical errors in his email communications. Then, there were HUGE red flags all over the offer letter that was 2+ pages long. It made the prospective employee state that they would never bring any lawsuits against him or his company, non-compete clause and a bunch of other legal statements that would scare a normal employee into thinking that they better not even think about coming against this guy or hi...

iCandy/Canvas Vending/Mark Sarnoff / Ripped

Dec 10, 2011

Please contact me if you've also been ripped off by Mark Sarnoff. I'm going to the FBI next week. DON'T JUST COMPLAIN, JOIN ME IN MY STAND AGAINST BEING RIPPED OFF BY HIM AND THE LIKES OF HIM