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Huff N Puff Complaints & Reviews

Huff N Puff / Corporate Greed

Nov 15, 2014

All this year, this company has had been advertising a sale. Currently, the sale is - buy one window at list, buy another @40% off. So, an example would be 2 windows @$1500 each =$3000 minus $600 =$2400 This looks good until you understand that for years this company has allowed their sales reps to discount the windows 25%. So, an example would be 2 windows @ $1500 each =$3000 minus $750 = $2250 NOT A VERY GOOD SALE IN MY EYE Could the reason behind this supposed sale be the need to help with the bottom line! READ ON - Quoted Text ROTTERDAM Man’s sentence linked to restitution total Judge order...

Huff N Puff - New York, Fishkill / Selling Procedure

Nov 13, 2014

The typical procedure is the following: 1) A salesman is provided an appointment for the following day 2) The salesman is under a one call close mandate, If he closes that day he will get 10% of the sale. 3) The salesman has the ability to lower the price up to 25%. 4) If the salesman doesn't make the sale, the customer is given to the Sales Manager, Ricky, who has the ability to lower the price another 10% So, if you really want to buy from this privately owned franchise, wait until the sales manager contacts you and then demand 35% off their retail price. If you don't want to play...

Huff N Puff - New York, Fishkill / Misrepresentation

Oct 13, 2014

Andersen Replacement Windows can be obtained at any Andersen retail outlet Andersen Windows and DoorsInsert Window Replacement Installation - Andersen Windows Stay away from Huff N Puff. It is a franchise. Go to your Andersen retail outlet of choice - Home Depot, Williams Lumber, Etc. - and pay half what this franchise wants. You can even get instructions on how to install the windows yourself. Tell Huff N Puff to stick that pogo stick jumping wolf up their you no what!!!