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HotMovieSale.com - New York, florida / Charged and never ordered anything from them..

Beverly Lutz Clark on Nov 12, 2016
11/02/16 I had them take this out for over a year and finally got it taken care of now all of a sudden I am being charged 9.95 again.. I have never ordered anything from this company and I want it to quit and to take this off my bill immediately! Thank you for your help for that matter I still haven't heard from Sears credit cards on the resolution of the last part.

HotMovieSale.com - Florida, Boca Raton / Free Shipping Trick

Jackson22 on Jul 8, 2011
I ordered a movie in December 2010 and evidently accepted free shipping in exchange for the right to bill be $19.95 per month for the next year. I tried to call the company, HOT MOVIE SALE . COM and could not get past the "push 1 for english" section. No matter what I pushed, I could not get past this section to get a human. So, I called my credit card company, AMEX, who said they would dispute the charges. I did this every month for 5 months. After 5 months AMEX sent me a letter stating the company provided a contract saying that I agreed to pay $19.95 per month. so AMEX was going to return...

HotMovieSale.com / Unauthorized charges

larzbr on May 10, 2011
I ordered a movie last November.. they "said"it was on back order and delayed the mailing then "said" they would cancel my order etc. However they continued to charge a monthly fee of $9.95 even though I never ordered a thing who knows what for; as i was told that any "membership" was cancelled . By the time I noticed this charge they had taken some $60 without providing a thing. Under threats from VISA they "offered" to refund 2 months fees (1/3 of the total they charged) but said I was out the remaining $40... so they steal until caught then give back 30% (if and when caught) and call it even ... what a GREAT SCAM!!!

HotMovieSale.com / ONLINE CON - SCAM

fixthepain on Feb 23, 2011
Buyer beware! I purchased a movie online at HOTMOVIESALE.COM on 3/7/2010. The company said that the movie had not been released yet and offered to put me on a waiting list, but I was required to pay for it first. So I purchased it and then waited at least 2 months before it finally arrived. I thought no more of it after that. Nearly a year later I discovered that HOTMOVIESALE.COM had continued to ding my credit card monthly at the rate of $9.95 for the first 6 months after the movie purchase and then increased the amount they were charging my card to 19.95 per month thereafter. After deducting...

HotMovieSale.com / Thief's

Don't even think of ordering from these thieves, they con you to buy a movie cheap. The first site doesn't say anything about a membership. Gotcha they start by charging you $1.00 to see if your credit card works, then start charging you $19.95 per month because "you agreed to a make believe membership" I raised hell and threatened to turn them in to authorities, which they quickly refunded my $40.00, they just hope you will never balk at the charges. This is a con do not fall for it. Report to you credit card company if they get your number. Run from this company, they are doing...

HotMovieSale.com - Florida / scam

I ordered a $5.00 movie in November 2009 for my son. My credit card has been charged $9.95 per month since November. Upon calling hotmoviesale.com I was told I signed up for a membership automatically when I bought the movie. I never received an email or any other notice stating that I had joined a club. When I asked them to refund my money I was told they would only refund 2 months. These people and this company are crooked and this is a major scam!!

HotMovieSale.com / &membership& scam

I ordered one DVD from this company several months ago--this was the only place I could find the title I wanted. I noticed the $19.95 charge on my bill this month and called to ask. Like others, I was told that I joined a membership when I purchased the DVD. I asked how long I'd been charged and was told that I'd been charged in January, February, March, and April. I insisted on "canceling" my membership and was told that I'd get a refund of two $19.5 charges. We'll see. I'm still not satisfied until I get back all the fees I was charged, but that will take looking back through my credit card bills.

HotMovieSale.com / Unauthorized $9.95 charges

I was charged $9.95 on three separate occasions, the last of which was this morning. I feel stupid for not finding it sooner, but there was no reasonable mention of any recurring payments when I made my purchase. I was charged my first $9.95 before they even charged me for the product I ordered, which wasn't received for over a month. I called them up and they knew what it was about before I had said anything. Unlike a few other people, I had no trouble at all getting my entire $29.85 returned as well as confirmation emails for both my account cancellation and my refund. Maybe I just got in contact with a nice operator or something. This is a terrible company, do not place an order with them.

HotMovieSale.com - Oregon / SCAM!

OMG! This place really blindsided me! I "ordered" a DVD as a Christmas gift, but kept receiving weekly e-mails telling me it was backordered. Fearing I wouldn't get it in time for Christmas, I cancelled my order with Hotmoviesale.com and went somewhere else. In checking my credit card statement, I see that they are charging me $9.95 for both December and January; for what? After being on hold for SEVERAL minutes, I finally got to talk to a real person (no doubt from some other country other than the good old US of A) anyway, she told me I had signed up for their membership. What the f????...

HotMovieSale.com - Idaho / unauthorized credit card charges

I purchased a video for $29.95 at HMS. I was going through my bank statement and noticed a charge of $19.95 and went back to previous statements and found three additional charges to my account for the same amount. I called the company and they said I had authorized a monthly membership when purchasing the movie. I did not authorize any membership and had no idea what they were talking about. I asked to be reimbursed for the money they fraudulently took out of my account and they agreed to removing two months worth. I said no all the money, she said she was not authorized to do this. I asked...

HotMovieSale.com - Arizona / Illegal/Unauthorized Account Deductions

I shopped via this site in order to purchase a difficult to find DVD. This site advertised it as well as flaunted its comparably low price (find this movie at Amazon for triple the price...). I dutifully proceeded through their forms and was never educated on a membership fee nor was I informed that any deductions, save for the price of my purchase, would be taken from my account. Much to my chagrin, there was a $19.95 unspecified charge to my account and then almost a week later was deducted the purchase price of my DVD. I was satisfied with the product received but am unshakably sure that I authorized only the debit of the DVD that I purchased. Thank You in advance for your time and consideration to this issue.

HotMovieSale.com / Fraudulent Charges

I ordered a movie from www.hotmoviesale.com. I check my credit card statement regularly and noticed a second charge to my account of $19.95. When I complained to hotmoviesale.com, I was told that I became a member of BestBrandValues.com when I purchased the item and that terms of offer of membership were displayed on the billing and shipping page during checkout in the left panel "Your purchase today includes:" I did not see this and my attention was not drawn to it in any way. I apparently "chose" not to cancel the membership at the end of the free trial period. Hotmoviesale.com also said...

HotMovieSale.com - Texas / unauthorized enrollment membership

This company enrolls you as a member when you order anything from their website. Stay away from hotmoviesale.com because they are bilking the public. You will not be aware they are charging your credit card for monthly fees of $19.95 when all you did was order one DVD. I learned the hard way by not monitoring my credit card closely enough. These people should be run off the web. They aren't afraid of the BBB because they don't subcribe to BBB. Let's get the word out and try to shut them down. Making a living off unsuspecting hard working folks is criminal and un american...

HotMovieSale.com - Florida / Scam company, doesn't have DVDs but charges

Company purports to sell DVDs at discounted prices. Online prices look good. When you order, you receive email to say that the the DVD is unavailable. The DVD never arrives. However, if you try to cancel your order, your credit card is charged. When you call the company, they tell you that you agreed to a membership. If you argue with them, they tell you they can cancel your membership. However, they refuse to remove the amount they have already charged your credit card. There is no mention of a "membership" anywhere on their Website. Some posts say that when you enter your credit card information when...

HotMovieSale.com - Oklahoma / Delivery misleading

I should have checked OUT MvieSale.com first before being suckered into their SO-CALLED COMPANY ! I ordered 3 MOVIE'S and paid for 2 Delivery ...It has now been 5 Day's and no MOVIE'S ! SO-CALLED COMPANY will not refund Shipping Fee's "EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT 2 DAY DELIVERY " like is offered on their Flacky Website ! Beware CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT HELPFUL AND WILL TELL YOU THEY CANNOT REFUND FEE'S FOR EXPRESS DELIVERY BECAUSE ONCE IT HAS BEEN "SHIPPED " FROM THEIR WAREHOUSE IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE USPS DOES OR UPS DOES WITH THE PACKAGE " IT IS NO LONGER THEIR PROBLEM" What a load of BS!!!

HotMovieSale.com - California, San Francisco / unauthurized billing

Hotmoviesale.com charge $12.oo membership without my knowledge so I called my bank to verify and I found out it is Hotmoviesale.com. I cancel this fake membership and the person told me I will have a refund within seven (7) days. I never get any reply from them from my e-mail address and still waiting for the refund.

HotMovieSale.com / Unauthorized Charge

I orderd two movies for my Son for Christmas from www.HotMovieSale.com. I was looking at my monthly statement for my Credit Card and noticed a deduction of $29.95 from SmartSavingsCenter.com. I NEVER joined a Membership or authorized this deduction from my account. When I ordered the movies from HotMovieSale.com they authomatically joined me to SmartSavingsCenter.com. I called SmartSavingsCenter.com to canel this membership, and they sent me an email confirming it. The question is, will my $29.95 be credited to my account. BIG RIPOFF SCAM!
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