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Mar 14, 2011

One of the worst scam dating websites is, when you send your picture and personal information then the website would send you dozens of emails with gorgeous pictures of not real girls, if you want to reply then they ask you more money and when you pay monthly subscription then you are done, your money is for putting your picture as "beat" for others while you will never receive real answer from real girl, simple they play game with pictures and info of members that nobody is really communicate. I paid membership fee and then I decided to cancel my membership after one day... / Think twice before falling prey to this site


The bargain is to sign up as a free member first. While a free member, you get emails from people willing to email or go farther with you. They send sexy pictures and enticing emails. The catch is that you can't reply to any of it without paying for the rest of the service. Once you pay for the service, you hear NOTHING again from the site or the people you responded to. Think twice before falling prey to this site. - Arizona, Flagstaff / Fraud


This is a fraudulent dating site that I have been monitoring for many months. When you sign up for the free trial service you get winks and e-mails right away. I let this go on for a couple of weeks and received about a dozen or so e-mails from women "highly interested" in me. In order to respond to these women you have to become a paying member. Once you become a paying member these women suddenly disappear. The profiles on this site are obviously fraudulent and are used simply to "sucker in" paying members. I have submitted complaints to the Arizona Attorney General and the US Attorney General. - Florida / billing


This is the third time i am trying to contact you. You people billed me for another month and did not authorize another month, there for you stole money from my account. I would like my money returned by 3/6/09 or i will give this information to my attorney and they will have to deal with this. Please return all my money so we do not have to take further action. Thank you and have a nice day / Rip off


It's a total scam. At least for the number of real people versus the number of fakes. Also the membership ratio is around 100 men for 1 woman. (132000 to 5600). They also send a lot of clever emails from different members goading you into joining. I found that trying to find a real girl was next to impossible as the real ones were usually non paying and wouldn't answer even if i sent my real email as a way of them to contact me outside of the site. So don't waste your money for false hope. / unauthorized deduction of money from my checking account


Someone used my checking account info and name to supposedly sign up for an account with I let people use my computer sometimes, but I never authorized anyone to use my information to sign up for any online dating service. When I noticed my bank statement showed a payment of $39.95 to Digi-Group, I immediately googled them to find out what they were. When I realized what it was they offer, I emailed them and requested my money back, explaining to them I never authorized them to take money from my account. They replied to my email stating that they track IP addresses and it...