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Home security Complaints & Reviews

Home security / Repeated Telemarketing Calls

Oct 13, 2012

I have received multiple calls from a company claiming to be Home Security. A minimum of one a day. First it is an automated answer and then you can opt out or speak with a representative. I have tried several times to opt out but still receiving these calls. I have also spoken to a rep that claimed that he was his own supervisor and would not give me any answers. I just re-registered all our numbers on a no-call list. Unfortunetely they use different numbers to call every time therefore it is hard to block them. I know many other have received these phone calls as well. This is disturbing in that it almost seems they are trying to find out who has a system and who doesn't.

Home security - Florida, Kissimmee / Contract!

Jul 6, 2011

I started out with "Brinks" on August 30, 2006 my initial term and renewal terms was set for three years through August 30, 2009 at a monthly rate of $33.99 and after tax $36.37. The name was changed to Broadview Security on or around June 27, 2009 with an effective date as of November 07, 2009 and was set at a reduced rate of $29.95 including tax as of September 22, 2009 through September 29, 2012. However, on or around June 14, 2010 it was my understanding that ADT Security Services either bought out Broadway Security or join forces with them, never the less, I became very concern about all...

Home security / Recorded telemarketing call


Recorded telemarketing call from 213-435-2146 received Oct. 6, 2009. Recording claimed I had been randomly selected to receive an award, later identified as a free home security system. I have received this exact same crap pitch from other numbers, totaling about five in the past two weeks, all at my work phone number. (Searching the other numbers through Google found other complaints, some on the same subject, some on other alleged offers.) The option to press 3 to have my number removed left me less than convinced that it would actually happen. This is probably a scam and most likely in...