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Home Finance of America Complaints & Reviews

Home Finance of America - Pennsylvania / Refinance loan denied

Jan 4, 2011

I applied for a refinance of my home mortgage with cash out to pay a second lien. I met all the qualifications including the fair market value from the appraisal and was denied the loan the night before the closing which was also last day of my rate lock. I was told that the investors did not like the comps used in the appraisal and due to a declining market value in the county I lived in. I presented HFA with another appraisal that I had done before choosing to go with HFA due to a lower rate and the investors still denied the loan. I had no idea that this could happen. I am shocked and dumbfounded. BUYER DEFINITELY BEWARE!!!

Home Finance of America / refinancing a home


I began refinancing my home in late August 2010. I was very accomodating with them providing them with everything they had asked for. The underwriters kept looking at everything asking for more information which I would fax to them right away. They took so long that finally after 90 days my appraisal expired, which I informed them well before it happened. I lost $361.00 for that appraisal plus the application fee. I lost the interest rate that I was locked into and now the interest rates are beginning to increase. These people are unprofessional and should be put out of business. I did not...

Home Finance of America - Pennsylvania, Plymouth Meeting / poor customer service


poor service and false advertisement I was about to close on a refi and when the closer came he stated that I needed a check for almost 3000 without the loan officer Tom Vandeventer leting me know. There were many mistake on settlement papers. the closer and I called Tom and after redoing papers he still had me paying and to begin making payment on th followig month. Papers still had mistakes, seems that Tom the loan officer did not care, laon had to be due to poor customer service and for not doing what you said you would do for first time customers. per Vet Admin. under refi the only monies to come out of pocket should be for the appraisal fees. could not get right after working on loan for month.

Home Finance of America / Last minute hidden fees you can't avoid


BEWARE! Home Finance Of America will hit you surprising fees days before closing date so you will not have chance to back out. I decided to go with (HFA) after shopping for a mortgage for our new home. Rates looked better and good faith estimate looked good. In addition to my primary loan I needed to take bridge loan which would cover me for a month or so before I would sell my existing house. I was planning to close it immediately after that. I verified number of time that this second loan would not have prepayment penalties. Just 4 days before closing Joe send me email which states that...

Home Finance of America / Poor service!


I was going to go ahead with a mortgage with Home Finance of America until I found out the night of closing I needed to bring 2,000 to the table. When I called my loan officer Joe I asked him what this was all about he said he made a mistake on the good faith estimate. As luck would have it he made the same exact mistake on my brother's good faith estimate. Sounds to me like a business practice, not a mistake. So now I payed $300 for an appraisal that is of no use to me and $75 application fee that they are not refunding to me. Beware!