Hoffman Fuel Complaints & Reviews

Hoffman Fuel / Bad Service, Price Gouging

Nov 18, 2014

I used to be a Trumbull Oil customer and was always satisfied but, ever since Hoffman bought the accounts from Trumbull, it has been a disaster. The most recent problem is disgusting and if I ran my service business like they do...I would be out of business. I called to schedule an oil delivery and service call on Friday afternoon around 4pm but, "the oil department was closed until Monday" and service would be at overtime rates...I called Monday at 7:05 AM and scheduled service and an oil delivery which they price gouged me on...first when I agreed they told me $2.90 a gallon then after the...

Hoffman Fuel / Overpriced service


I just got off the phone now following a complaint I had with Hoffman. When I signed my contract with Hoffman, I bought the Gold Plan for $250/year to provide "insurance" for my furnace should something break. Over the weekend I had water pouring out of a pipe in the furnace. When I called for service, I was told I would be billed $250/hour, so I put a bucket under the pipe and kept emptying it until Monday. I called first thing Monday morning and was told they couldn't tell me what time they could get there, so I ended up having to take the entire day off to wait for them. When the...

Hoffman Fuel - Connecticut, Trumbull / Customer Service


The customer service department of Hoffman Fuel should be trained in what good customer service really is. They are rude, intolerant and obviously "know it all" and too bad for us - the consumer. I never received a new contract which was due in May and now they tell me that I can't have the original lower price because it's too late. Even though I repeatedly said I never received a renewal they told me that was not there fault and there was nothing they could do about it. I should be happy that they were offering all of their wonderful services to me in the first place. After 20 years with Hoffman I look forward to doing business with anyone but them.

Hoffman Fuel - Connecticut / Buyer Beware! Price Cap Scam


We signed up for the price cap in October 2008 at $2.49 a gallon. The representative said that whatever the market rate was the day of delivery, that's the rate we would pay, but no higher than $2.49. The prices of oil went down significantly and each time we receive oil we were billed at $2.49 a gallon, way above the market rate. I called again to ask why we were not getting the lower rate as they promised and was told they bought thousands of gallons of oil at a higher price and until that supply was gone we would have to pay the cap rate. It is now March 2009 and still getting billed...

Hoffman Fuel - Connecticut / unfair Pricing schemes


The customer service department has been rude, threatening, and abusive with me in my efforts to renegotiate my contract that has been a variable pricing plan with a capped rate. I contracted in August and then renogiated in November paying a 150 dollar "fee" for the new contract with a lower cap. So far all deliveries have been charged to me at my ceiling rate which is substantially higher than today's prevailing rate in the market. They would not fill my tank last year in April stating that I would have to wait until the new contract cycle which begins in June at a new contracted rate...

Hoffman Fuel - Connecticut, Brookfield / All areas of customer service


Hoffman Fuel is the WORST in EVERY WAY regarding fuel service. This is a letter that I will be sending to them shortly (still being edited!) To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing to inform you that the service your company provides is horrific!! I have two specific issues to bring to your attention: First, the service that your operators provide is absolutely awful. I have never dealt with such rude, inept people in all my life. I am paying a premium for your service and all I get it is the run around. One instance just happened today but it ties into something that happened last year. A...

Hoffman Fuel - Connecticut, Danbury / Hoffman Fuel Charges More Than Market Price


I locked CAP price with them in this Oct. And they delivery oil to my house last week and charge me $3.3 while the average market price is $2.6 in my area. I called customer service and they insisted that $3.3 is Hoffman's market price and didn't want to listen to me. Stay away from this company. They charge you more than they should.

Hoffman Fuel - Connecticut, Trumbull / Topping Off my Oil Tank


I received an oil delivery April 22 - 82.4 gallons. When I called, they told me the driver was in the area and was topping off my tank. Unbelievable, at $4.34.9 a gallon.

Hoffman Fuel - Connecticut, Trumbull / Totally unfair to consumer

HOFFMAN refused me, twice, a delivery of oil just prior to the end of my capped-oil price; based on the fact my "automatic" delivery was not due for several weeks. Yet, ONE WEEK later HOFFMAN delivers fuel despite the fact that each representative told me "You're not scheduled for several weeks" Including numerous messages left and unreturned by HOFFMAN. My capped price expired and we were in the process of getting new price, trying to give HOFFMAN our business. THEN SUDDENLY BOOM! A delivery, that wasn't scheduled for several weeks, appears. HOFFMAN FUEL insists I'm...