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Hilltop Records Complaints & Reviews

Hilltop Records - California, Rosamond / there web page is no longer, there or their phone number???

Oct 9, 2017

Yes, I am currently signed, to this record company and I tried, to log in at, there, web site, at, and there, web, site is is, no longer, there I was, not notified, by them, and they, do do things, strickly, through, airmail, why wasn't I notified, about this, and there, phone number, that they, have, always, had, is no, longer, in service, at 1 (323) 469-3366 can, you help, me find, there current, information please contact, me through my current e-mail address, at [email protected], or contact me writer, for hilltop records, carin suzanne santa @ 1 (661) 888-3359, thank, you so, much!!! 😆😇😉

Hilltop Records - California, Hollywood / music and money taken and nothing given or produced in my favor

Aug 8, 2017

I remember the Hilltop record scammers. I was in school in the 90's and I submitted my lyrics, music and money until my music instructor advised me not to give the another dime. After not submitting any more money, I never heard another word from them. They made all types of promises but they always wanted more money and according to them they were unable to pay their musicians to rearrange and produce the music. My music instructor assured me that if I had a hit that they should be paying me. To this very day, I have never heard anything from them, my only consolation is that my music was copyrighted.

Hilltop Records - California, Hollywood / Rip-Off

Feb 27, 2012

I chuckled as I read scam reports regarding HillTop Records that were submitted by various, unfortunate victims. I, too, received a letter from them the exact same day that I received one of my copyright certificates from the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. My husband, who, not that it means anything, is an attorney, said that a list of copyrights issued is published, and anyone can access it, so you know that some employee at HillTop's sole job description is to grab the list, and start sending out form letters signed by Tom Hartman, Executive Producer of HillTop Records. Of...

Hilltop Records - California, Hollywood / Scam


Dont give them any money!! They promise much, but deliver nothing. Hilltop records wanted money for one of my songs, then wanted me to pay them again for another song. They send the same form letter out to everyone they contact, telling songwriters that they are looking for new material. . . And that for $399. 00 screening fee or similar amount, your song might be chosen. You are required to pay full fee before your song will be recorded, once it's selected. I didnt even know how they got my name and address. I know now, it was from the us copyright office. Makes me wonder if they have...