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Heartland Express driver Complaints & Reviews

Heartland Express driver - Iowa, North Liberty / Workman comp issues

Jul 27, 2016

While out on workman comp with a doctor restriction of 20-30 lbs, i was released backed to work on a restriction but last week i was threaten by sal steve and scott to return to terminal for orientation, my restriction also was i was not a good candidate for the trucking industry anymore so i was again i was threatened to either go the road test or lose my benefits of workman comp, i had faxed them what my doctor had written to give to them but they planned and plotted how to stop my workman comp benefits, so after the road test i was told i ran a stop sign and was speeding which was just a...

Heartland Express driver / Very Aggressive and unsafe driver

Dec 04, 2014

On Thursday November 6, 2014 on 84 expressway on my way to NYC from CT at 8:15pm, the driver of the Heartland truck truck tried to run us off the road. He almost made our small SUV turn over and it was a miracle he did not cause a fatal accident. First the driver got extremely close to the rear of our small SUV as we were travelling in the middle lane of the highway and put his high beams on so as to blind us. Then he proceeded to take the righth lane (in an expressway were there are three lanes) and cut us off and tried to run us off the road while we were travelling below the speed limit in...