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Well I ordered my merchandise (a hatchetman to be specific) and I STILL have not received it. I think that it's pretty whack that they rep the hatchet yet they can't even get orders out in a timely fashion. As much as i'm disappointed for my first ever offer to have this happen to me, IF I get my hatchet man and my shirts I just ordered yesterday, I'll continue to use them, because for the clothing, it's the only real place to get my Psychopathic stuff. I just want my hatchetman and shirts, then I'll continue to use this service, just warning you all out there... / Kept Money , Never got merchandise


I sent them a money order for a pair of pants for my daughter. Paid extra for express post and registered mail. Money order was delivered on Nov 17/ 09 . On Dec 11 I recieved an email saying order was cancelled because failure to recieve money. I checked Canada Post and the Money order was delivered. I checked the bank and the money order was cashed. Yet they never recieved it. They are out and out crooks. I am a single mom and that was one of five gifts I was able to afford for my daughter. I am absolutely heartbroken. Dissapointed mom. / Not received merchandise that I paid for


I ordered $110.00 worth of merchandise and paid an extra $10.00 for 3 day shipping. I have not received anything and they took money of my visa! I have been calling for 2 weeks now and sometimes I will get a recording that says I have reached Hatchetgear and leave a message but more times I have received a message that just says leave a message. I have left 15 messages all during the hours they have posted as being open. What is going on? Something must be done about this! Can someone please help me? I even had a confirmation order number and was promised an email and haven't received a call back nor any emails. Their phone is 1-248-426-0115