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Oct 04, 2014

I ordered 3 books from the website I waited a week and got the order, but the seller fooled me and sent wrong stuff. I tried to return it, but the seller simply started to avoid me and told some ###. WTF? I’m really disappointed and no idea what to do now. I want to get my money back and forget that I have any deals with such horrible company.They are liars and scammers, so be careful and better avoid them. As well as post comments about your experience with them. - New York, Jamaica / Seller provides fake tracking numbers

Mar 15, 2014

I placed the order on the website, but I decided to cancel the order after I saw the reviews. I sent email to the seller and told to cancel the order. He replied quickly and told that my order was already shipped. He provided the tracking number and it was invalid. When I told about it to the seller, he suddenly stopped to reply. Be aware that the seller charges and provides nothing in return. Please leave comments if you have the same situation as I have. - New York, Jamaica / Don't buy from these liars

Mar 12, 2014

Don’t buy from these liars and scammers. These ### sell fake production and they never deliver it. I bought music CDs and several movies, and their prices seemed to be really good. But everything was lie. They charged me and provided fake tracking number, and I couldn’t track my order. I called them, but their phone was busy and I left several messages. Of course no one called me back. Stay away from them.