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HanceInc Complaints & Reviews

HanceInc - Illinois, Bloomington / Bad business partners


Hanceinc is a rapidly growing IT consulting company. Company may be small but give importance to values and people relations. As this is a growing company there may be an instance of unhappiness in one or two employees but that is no the voice of the employees. I am employed with them for the past 2 years and i never had any issues. MMM... may be once, my salary got deposited into my account one day late. being a consulting company and paying huge salaries and with complete benefits, i think this is a better company to consider.

HanceInc / Integrity and Good Values


I'm working for HanceInc for the past 2 years. HanceInc runs on Integrity and Good Values. When a company grows it is important to hold tight the values as well as to conform to the policies, which makes it viable for its next level. HanceInc is cared about it and sure this good attitude will show up. They treat the consultants really good. Sumanth Yellanki responds to my concerns really fast and kept his promises. I never had any bad experiences with Sumanth & Srikanth. HanceInc is loyal to their consultants and expect the same from the consultants. HanceInc provides good training services. I am really happy to work for HanceInc and will continue to work for them.