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Jul 06, 2014

My family decided to rent the house through the website, but it was real scam. I just wanted to warn other people. Be careful and better don’t deal with these jerks. We paid them deposit, but the house wasn’t available. We tried to get money back, but they started to threaten and used a lot of unpleasant words. Please leave comments about this company, because people should be aware when they deal with such dishonest people. - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Scam, Cheats

Feb 16, 2012

These people are liars and cheats. They have lied about everything from the word go. We thought we were buying this home on a "Lease to own". We were naive about the process and were told by Lynn Paul who works for them that this would be our home. Well our paperwork says lease and mentions nothing about buying. Our heater has not worked since we moved in. She said she had to check with her boss. Never heard back. They NEVER answer their phones or respond to text messages. Our floor is sinking, all the wood under our house is rotten, our water pipe busted. Our sons ceiling fell when the... / Their reviews online are never-ending and all negative

Dec 05, 2011

These people are scam artists! They lie, break laws, are never open to talk to a person or even take our rent. They give no grace period, even to someone who receives disability and doesn't get their check til the 3rd! They charge $350 late fees if it's not paid ON THE FIRST and aren't open before or after work hours and their hours change daily. They were only open noon to 5pm on the first and 1-4 on the second, allowing NO CHANCE for someone who WORKS to come by and pay their rent AND GET A RECEIPT! I wouldn't rent from these people if I was homeless and they offered rent...