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Habib Abi-Saad Complaints & Reviews

Habib Abi-Saad / Cheat

Feb 01, 2014

Habib Abisaad was introduced to me as a representative working on behalf of certain Saudi nationals to make investments on their behalf in the US. The business opportunities presented were across the spectrum - Hospitals, Medical Equipment, Wind Turbines. Steel, Power Barges, Ethanol, Cement, Insurance to name a few. He always appeared to be very busy taking calls from Sheikhs, Prime Ministers and people in power. I wish I had done some basic checking on Google. I lost all my savings, my house and my sanity. This man has tricked so many people. Do not listen to his lies or tall stories. He is a...

Habib Abi-Saad / Fraud

Jan 06, 2014

Beware. Scam artist. Tries to impress and gains trust by throwing names of Saudi Investors who (he claims) have entrusted him to make investments on their behalf. Do not loan any funds to this individual. Incredulous stories and even more unbelievable excuses when you try to get details. ###. Google him to see his other scams. Beware