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Guardian Financial Group Complaints & Reviews

Guardian Financial Group - North Carolina, Charlotte / Guaranteed loans!


The worst part about this is that I checked this company out BEFORE I sent them money to guarantee a loan for me. According to what I see, I am NOT the only person that got scammed!!! They owe me over $2000. I had a "bad feeling" when they told me that I needed to send more money, plus I was supposed to get a refund yesterday, which I am sure everyone else was told. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO GET CAUGHT BY SOMEONE!!! Many people are hurt by this, including myself. Complaining to the BBB might not help, but I already did. Plus, I contacted all of the TV stations in my area, and I hope they will pick this story up. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

Guardian Financial Group - North Carolina, Charlotte / FRAUD


DO NOT SEND GUARDIAN FINANCIAL GROUP ANY MONEY! You will never ever see the loan they promised you and not only that you will be asked for more money AFTER you have already sent the initial amount. Dale Watson and Richard White were the two men I dealt with. Professional Scam Artists. Please take heed ~ I wish I had.

Guardian Financial Group - North Carolina, Charlotte / Company Not Legitimate


I have filed a complaint against this company with the Better Business Bureau and would strongly encourage other victims to do the same. I was approved for a loan by Guardian Financial Group. I was told that, due to my poor credit, I would need to send a collateral payment of $1,140.00 to secure the $7,000.00 loan I was guaranteed at a 6% interest rate. I was assured that this was not a "pre-approval" and that there was no way the loan would be denied once I sent the collateral payment. I was told that my credit application had already been processed and was fully approved. I was faxed a...

Guardian Financial Group - North Carolina, Charlotte / Stay away from them!


A consultant (Heather Wilson) will contact you by phone it will of course come up as Unavailable. I was to pay a collateral payment before I was to receive my loan. I was faxed a SIMPLE five page contract and was told to sign it and fax it back when I had my cash in hand. The contract looks like a 10 year old prepared it and the CEO signature looked forged. I was then asked to send a Moneygram payment to a private lender that was not specified to me. This sounded a little fishy to me. Thats when I did some investigating myself and talked to my lawyer as well as a legit financial consultant...