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great vacations now Complaints & Reviews

great vacations now / Misleading Information and Outright Falsehoods

Mar 23, 2015

I purchased a timeshare package for $299.00 for 3 nites, 4 days in 3 different locations. The first one being Las Vegas. We were not happy with the Tuscany Suites they put us in and requested to be placed on the Strip. For additional money, they were supposed to put us in what I understood was the Jockey Club but ended up in the Polo Towers. Our room was the size of a broom closet with a pull out sofa sleeper. I wish I had taken a pic but believe me, it was the size of a walk-in closet. And yes all the information was a 90 min. presentation which they were quick to inform us was 120 min. It...

great vacations now / ONE HUGE SCAM!!!

Feb 6, 2013

My complaint starts with the fact that my mom was lied to. My boyfriend and I commonly travel with my mom and her boyfriend as a group. Before she purchased the package, she asked if it would be ok for us to come on the trips with them. She was told it'd be fine. She also asked that if we wanted to get our own package and just book at the same times would that be ok? They said yes. She purchased the package. Afterwards, I called and purchased the package after asking the same questions on January 07. The next day we called to book the Costa Rica vacation together. Several weeks later we...

great vacations now / Package is a scam

Apr 6, 2011

I received a call from this vacation company and they insisted in purchasing a vacation package which included hotel accomodations in different countries . Costa Rica, Spain and Florida. At first I said that I was not interested, but they insisted and insisted offering better price and I ultimately accepted. I haven't gone om vacation but my major interested was in Florida. I finally decided to go on vacation now and wanted to use the package that I bought last year. I made reservations and when I received the confirmation letter from the hotel and saw all the reviews of this hotel...

great vacations now / Bait and Switch


I recently purchased a package deal for 6 trips for $299, which sounded like a great deal. I was told that I only needed to attend one 90 minute session when I went to Orlando, FL and would be given trips to Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Tampa, and Las Vegas. We attended the presentation in Orlando, Fl but were put up at a Holiday Inn express; not the place shown in the pictures. When we tried to book Costa Rica, they took my money but never actually booked us in a room. I called to confirm and was told they don't have any rooms available; they had no plans to let us know...

great vacations now - Florida, Ft Laurderdale / bookings with SB Getaways


SB GETAWAYS identified themselves as a Ft. Laurderdale, FL travel company. I attempted to contact them concerning my billing. The listing on the internet provides their telephone number as (503) 555-1212. That number is for Directory Assistance in Portland, Oregon! There is absolutely no way to contact that company. It would appear I was snookered. GREAT VACATIONS NOW has the information regarding SB Getaways bookings. They are also in possession of my voice recordings with SB Getaways which includes my American Express account number. Be prepared to be placed on "hold" for an inordinate...

great vacations now / SCAM/RIPPOFF


DON"T FALL FOR IT. This company offers great deals with great options, hidden costs and fees add up and is not worth it. This company is run by a bnunch of kids scamming people for a living and is not true. If you do take this package enjoy spending more time arguing feex, taxes and hidden costs. "IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS"

great vacations now - Arizona, Flagstaff / this company took my money and i haven`t heard from them since


I was making an order with Dual Action Cleanse. After completing business i was asked if i wanted to check out Great Vacations Now. I was put in contact with a woman named Darlene. She talked me into buying a vacation plan that included three different locations for 250.00 dollars. I`m a single male. I work in a remote location in Arizona.Getting out to different places sounded good. I bought in. I was told i would receive a package in the mail with all the information. It`s been over 6 months and i still haven`t received no stinking package! However i did receive a call from Great Vacation...

great vacations now - Florida / not able to receive refund


i am a senior citzen living alone on a very, very limited income. i was contacted by phone by a very nice, friendly high presure lady who really would not take no. she finally convinced me that this was a chance of a lifetime to travel. so needlessly to say i caved and purchased one of her packages. i have been trying to cancel this package for quite sometime with no success. the last person i talked to was rude, obnoxsus, and insulting. how do i cancel this package and get a refund issued to my discover card? thank you in advance for any and all [email protected]