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Grays Outdoor Services Complaints & Reviews

Grays Outdoor Services - Michigan, Livonia / Praise


Before I hired Grays Outdoor Services, I read the complaint on this site. I was concerned about their work and almost hired someone else to do my work. However, having once been criticized on the internet, I decided to give them a chance. I was very pleased with the products they brought here and their workmanship. They were very nice and easy to work with. I do not have a complaint. I have praise for them.

Grays Outdoor Services - Michigan, Livonia / the ###s that keep writing about me and my company grays outdoor ali and tom


to the ###s that keep writiing about me and my company grays outdoor tom first of all you didnt do you job u showed up in a escort to remove a tree for three hundred dollars that you begged me for the job and cost me 600.00 cause u could not complete it so after your forth day there i hired another company to finish what he started he had no idea what to do sorry tom tomczah you would been paid if u finished the project you begged for as for ali that has wrote so much bad stuff and 6 complanits he want a 2000 job for pretty much free we bought his material and we were rained out he wanted hi...

Grays Outdoor Services - Michigan, Livonia / Money refund


I requested a Landscaping service from, a website that provides services and enables you to be contacted by different service companies. Grays Outdoor Services contacted me. Thomas Gray, the owner of the company came to my house and gave me an estimate of $1000 on the job. We agreed for him to get started right of way. He came back few days later and showed me sample of stones to be used. After agreement on everything, he drafted an agreement and asked for $400 deposit with a promise to start the job the next day. I gave him $400 and took the copy of the agreement that had $400...