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Grant Finder Pro Complaints & Reviews

Grant Finder Pro - North Carolina, Charlotte / big rip off takes our money with refunding it back


this company under JECC LLC, this is a big rip off.they charge your account $2.95, then before 14 days your account is charged $69.95 for a piece of, they are the most rude and nasty person that i speack, the 1-888 number put you on hold for a while then some on comes on and then says that your money is none refundable > i have asked to speak to the manager, there are no manager involved, the person answering the phone is the manager, customer service.This company is a big rip off.They are nothing but thieves.People like that should not be able to function in any form of business.I...

Grant Finder Pro / Charge


I signed up to get a free copy of Grant Finder Pro, and of course nothing is really free so I paid 2.95. So they gave me a 14-day trial and said that if I didnt cancel before the 14 days, I would be charged 69.95. I cancelled my service a week before my free trial was up when I realized that none of the grants were real. So this morning I see that I have a charge for the 69.95. When I called & emailed them about the problem, they said there was nothing they could do, claiming that another company had stolen their information and charged me. That is ridiculous and if they give me my money back Im taking legal action.

Grant Finder Pro / Terrible company


I have been researching different ways to get government grant money to start my own businesses so to make a long story short I got a phone call from grant finder pro guaranteed grant money if you buy there cd was the claim of the person on the other end of the line guess what I called my government officials today y and there are no such grants they do not exist so please don't order grant cd's from any website if you want to start a business or buy a home this a scam and you will not get a grant...