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Inmate Calling Solutions - denial of usage

I was denied communication access with my son because:
1. I gave the name on the credit card account (my husbands) instead of my own like I always do)and was told that I could not have two women's names on the account- his name being rune is female?
2. I was told I had to fax personal information-copies of both licenses, credit cards, and address. What guarantee do I have that this info is secure with this company, because they say so?
3. Since the address I gave them did not match the info they had I also had to fax my phone bill with the address on it as proof, I have a track phone. I was told I could not have two addresses. Well I do! I have my street address where I live and have a post office box where I get my mail, they would not tell me which address they needed for verication.
4.When my husband got on the phone to verify the information they recieved, they refused to talk to him at all.
5.Other than faxing the information they requested, our only other option was to drive 15 miles to western union.
6.I offered another credit card with my name on it and was refused and told that the account was flagged. I just don't know why I could not use another credit card with my name on it, it makes no sense to me at all.
I am disabled and my husband is retired (DUE TO A HEART CONDITION), our vehicle is not road worthy in snow and ice. Therefore we are not comfortable driving under those conditions.
My husband and I feel that we were treated very rudely, that the requests were unreasonable, and that the persons involved (I also talked to a supervisor) were unsympathtic, lacked compassion and understanding, and were hard-hearted about the whole thing.

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Mar 20, 2011 2:51 am EDT
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I am having the same problem with this company...I have contacted the better business bureau and am waiting to hear back..I added 60.00 to my account and was told that the calls would cost me 4.06 to connect and .89 cents a minute...the calls are only 5 minutes in length at the facility my daughter is in...I accepted 4 calls from her and on the 5th call a recording came on saying there was only 1.48 left on my account...its a shame that a business can take a situation as bad as having a loved one in jail and turn it into a money game...I have no other option but to deal with them because they have the rights to 400 jails in 35 states...I found their head office
2200 Danbury Street San Antonio, TX 78217 United States Founded in 2002
Key Executives
Mr. Tim McAteer
President and General Manager
Mr. Michael R. Smith
Managing Director and Business Development Consultant
Mr. John Goetsch
Vice President of Technology
Mr. J. Kirk Smith
Vice President
Mr. Brendan Philbin
Vice President of Business Development
Compensation as of Fiscal Year 2010.
I hope that some one reads this that can give me home numbers to one of these people...I am outraged and appalled that ppl would do this to someone in this situation

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Horrible and rude phone agents. Nobody ever has any real answers they just always tell you they'll set up an investigation that takes 24 to 72 hours, and the person doing the investigator will call you when the investigation is over. No investigator ever calls. I've had 3 investigations done now nobody has ever called me back. There was a block put on the...

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