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Granada Television Complaints & Reviews

Granada Television - Georgia, Lawrenceville / Offending!!


Michael Jackson has been, is, and always will be the best person who ever walked the Earth (besides Jesus). I hate how ITV is airing the Michael Jackson interview with that stupid martin bashir editing it. Take out all the edits and then I will be pleased.

Granada Television - England, West Midlands / Re-run of Bashir interview with MJ


It is an absolute insult that ITV are showing a re-run of this diaboloical, disgraceful interview. Is this the media's way of trying to degrade Michael Jackson even further than what they have done already. Why can't they leave him alone to rest in peace, they've managed with great help from Bashir to send him to an early grave. Why would anyone want to see that again. Why can't they show Michael for all the joy and happiness he brought to so many people.