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GotShop Complaints & Reviews

GotShop / Strange company

Feb 25, 2016

Me and some friends of mine wanted to sell our craft work. We make costumes, jewelry and armor, and we wanted to sell it online. Then I found GotShop on Facebook and decided to give it a try. So I decided to make a little research first and wanted more info so I emailed this company but received no reply and emailed a further two times still nothings. Really strange company, they just lost 5 potential customers!

GotShop / Horrible!

Feb 24, 2016

About 6 months ago I ordered some items from GotShop and returned everything because items I received were damaged. They promised to give me a refund, but I received nothing yet. I contacted them numerous times demanding my money back, but no one ever replied. Please, if somebody has some extra information about how to contact these thieves it would be very helpful. Better stay away from this company. This company is desperate to take your money and you'll never get the service your was promised.

GotShop / Avoid at all costs

Feb 05, 2016

GotShop is a complete waste of time and money. I'm sure that soon they will have no customers left. I waited patiently like forever only to be told that my photos are no good! Their website is a real nightmare full of bugs and technical problems. They said that I have to retake the photos and place my order again. They also have a habit of deleting photos that don't confirm to what they think your items should look like! They've deleted my photos and never told me about that, so I've waited for ages. Since I heard nothing from them I've decided to ask what was going on. And only then I was told that my photos were no good and they had deleted them. Save your precious time!

GotShop / Total waste of time.

Feb 02, 2016

Ordering something from GotShop is a total waste of time and money. Their lack of customer support is absolutely ridiculous! I waited patiently for weeks only to have them say my photos are no good. I had many problems with their website but it was just a waste of time. They said that I need to retake the photos if I want to order something. I refused to do so, since I've waited too long. These guys also have a habit of deleting photos that don't confirm to what they think your items should look like. Completely ridiculous company. And they are deleting the photos without telling the customer...