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Go Relax Travel Complaints & Reviews

Go Relax Travel - Florida / Scam

Mar 19, 2011

Go Relax Travel uses Telemundo and other media services to broadcast its scam. Go Relax Travel makes people believe their commercial that they are participating in a contest to win tickets for Disney and hotels stays for free if you call them and answer the question they ask on the commercial. Once you call and asnwer the question (which is ussually a very easy question so you can "win") they tell you won and you only need to pay taxes and fees which looks ok. Right? WRONG!!! Their "taxes and fees" they ask you to pay is hundreds of dollars (which is illegal under FL state law to charge such...

Go Relax Travel - Florida / Bogus Won Vacation


This company is absolutely the most disgraceful company i have ever encountered. They tricked a 73 year old man in giving them his credit card information to secure what was supposed to be a vacation to Florida he had won by answering a question on the the LATINO RADIO STATION. I need to find out how and who i can contact to bring this company down. Its bad enough our seniors have to pay multiple doctor and excessive co-payments for their medications, now we have scam artist and cons ripping them off too! Where is the justice in this country??????? Dont fall for any of these scam people!!!

Go Relax Travel - Florida, Orlando / ripoff/scam


I'm been ripoff/scam like everybody else..My wife and I been paid more than $450.00...I don't want to go on SICK.I believe that, if the D A office knows about this for so long and nothing it been for the people to take matter into the hands...I believe some or everybody affect it by this, should look for this organization and HURT this people on a personal way...we are human ..we are people..and sometimesyou have to take action on your own...I know I'm thinking about it..and at this point I don't give a F... ..thank you

Go Relax Travel - Florida, Orlando / Trip Vacation all include.


During a radio contest my wife called to answer a simple question, at the end of this phone call, she was the winner of all include vacation to Orlando FL in a Quality Standard hotel room, with all tickets include too. Also a 3 days and 2 nigths in a Quality hotel at Cancún Mex. all include. But the dream was converted in a nigthmare. They charged to my credit card an unauthorizyed extra charge for the second trip. And when I deciyed to reclaim, they began to ignor me like nothing. Also they change the destinations without notifyed me. This is not a travel agency that nobody may trust...

Go Relax Travel - Florida, Orlando / Fraud


Wow...what a rip off...I feel radio stations should also be accountable...I won a so call trip and because of medical issues and a pending law suite, I was not able to travel. I even paid over $500.00 hidden fee. When I called to see if I could book my reservation, I was told it had expired and would not get a refund...SHAME ON YOU...No accomodation or offers were given...If I complain it becomes work, and my time is money...again, SHAME ON YOU GO RELAX TRAVEL.

Go Relax Travel - Florida, Orlando / Scam/ Fraudulent behavior


On 3/6/09, My mom called and said she and my father were listening to the radio. He called in, answered question and was told he won 2 trips. My mom spoke to the person at the travel agency and was told all she had to pay was the tax and shipping. She called me and it was very hard for me to believe, but she said she was told that this was all inclusive and she would get hotel, air fare, transportation, free meals, etc. I was very surprised but skeptical because it seemed too good to be true- especially since she had to give her credit card info. I asked for the number so I could call and find...

Go Relax Travel / Fraud and scam


My wife entered a 'contest' on a Latino radio station. They said if you name the singer you 'win' a vacation for 4 people to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico or other exotic locations. She called, named the singer and the station said she 'won'. Later Go Relax Travel called and said she had 'won' but needed to pay $383.99 to 'reserve' the trip. They said don't worry you will have 48 hours after we send you the package to cancel if you don't like it. When we got the package on 1/28/9 we found out it did not include airfare, taxes and food plu...

Go Relax Travel / Buyer beware


Deceptive marketing practices. This Merchant deceives the public through a so-called 'Vacation give-away', You respond to a question posted by the announcer which states that if you are one of the first 10 callers, you win a trip to Gran Melia Resort in Puerto Rico. The 'so called' vacation give away costs me $315.00 dollars and is loaded with fees and reservation fees. total cost would exceed 400.00. for 3 days. In addition to this I was not made aware that there was a TIMESHARE previewing requirement before you qualify for the the 'so-called' vacation package...