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Global Intelligence ID Card Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Global Intelligence ID Card Solutions - British Columbia, Vancouver / Driving licence

Nov 25, 2016

I ordered a driving lisence from global intelligence in sept 2016, i filled out the order form completely as required & inclosed a "international money order" for $99! I heard nothing for about 4 weeks, i then contacted them on the 10th of oct"please be patient blah blah blah!!!"standard letter, is the reply i got! I checked the status of the money order, it had been cashed on the 14th of oct! I have since been in contact several times & i'm convinced "they are a total scam!!!) They just keep sending a standard letter reply to me, but i think they just want more...

Global Intelligence ID Card Solutions / Novelty ID

Feb 24, 2016

SCAM ALERT All Global Intellegience ID card Websites Send Money, never receive any product. Thanks for your patience, we appreciate your business. We are working on the trace of your shipment, and if your order was in fact received and processed, it may have not yet been received or is in the process of being completed. If your order was shipped and you have allowed the necessary time for delivery, we will require you to provide pertinent information about your order so that a replacement order can be sent out to you within ten business days. PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY OF YOUR...

Global Intelligence ID Card Solutions - California / novelty (fake) ID card

May 21, 2013

4/13 on or about 4/28/13 i sent $100 cash money for a Hawaiian drivers license per their instructions which I followed to the letter. as of 5/21/13 i have not received nor have they responded to my numerous emails. now the strange thing is they were highly reccomended by a very close friend who showed me several products he had ordered and received which looked FANTASTIC! he was very satisfied with both their product and service, why in the world would they start scamming customers? As of today i'm resigned to sccepting that I've been had and am out $100. If anyone has had a similiar experience or could shed light on my experience pls contact me direct at [protected] Thanks

Global Intelligence ID Card Solutions - New York, Florida / Mailed 49.00 cash to them in canada 6 weeks ago and have yet ..

May 14, 2011

Sent cash have yet to recieve novelty id. Mailed to vancouver bc, canada on 3/28/11, with the exectation of receipt within 4 to 5 weeks. They have responded to my email inquiries and offered to send a replacement, after i send proof that i sent the fee. Which of course is not possible to do when you sned cash, which i did based on there strong recomendation to maintain anonymity as well as rush process without the delay of a check or money order clearing the institution it is drwn on... I knew i was taking a risk. Has anyone reading this ever dealt with them and recieved a novelty product..?