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GHS solutions Complaints & Reviews

GHS solutions / Scam

Oct 5, 2011

Misery loves company-Sure wish I would have looked into this company more before I ever started with them- I told them about one complaint that I had read but they blew it off with their nicey-nice - After 2 yrs I am still about 10, 000 in debt and have a summons to go to court- This was never mentioned as a possibility and my credit is now ruined- Please email me if anyone has any solutions, I need to get out of this program-([email protected]

GHS solutions - Florida, Delray Beach / My money


Salesman promised to take over debt management as soon a pymt. from us was made. He'd call my creditors (he'd required recent bills from ea beforehand) My bills were up to date/paid up to that moment. ^ months later, and six months of letting them draw out of our acct. for our debts and NIL was done. I would not know now, if it weren't for collections calling. (which the salesman said would NOT occur). Anyhooo, I canceled way over a month ago. Havent received my refund, which they only agreed to partial. I'm going thru the BBB now, for which GHS has an "F" rating, by the way. Consumers and fellow debtors, beware!