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GE Washer Complaints & Reviews

GE Washer - Massachusetts / Damage

Dec 4, 2012

It's ashamed Home Depot takes little pride in customer satisfaction. Not once, but twice, a brand new washing machine was delivered to my home damaged. What surprises me in the nonchalant approach to your well being. We now will buy from another source due to the inaction, and quite frankly, customers are not important. We purchased based on delivery charge of zero. It's too bad two attempts were made to deliver the washing machine, and in both cases, damaged!!! Quite a disappointment, but not an issue for Home Depot. Maybe if some of letters such as this, something would be done. But one customer complaining is no skin off the back of the great Home Depot

GE Washer - Arizona, Flagstaff / does not work at all


bought g. e washer 20o8 april after first three months of use broke down something do with housing part then broken down fives aftter that appliance service was g.e. certified repair tech My wife paid four hundred dollars for this Had another appliance tech look at send it was unrepairable called extended warranty company and they cant do nothing because it was a pre -existing condition what the hell? told contact manufacturer then call them back this washer has been year long head all i want is four hundred dollars back they electronic motor control or computer under moisture that was stupid...

GE Washer - Kentucky, Louisville / popping noise


I purchased a GE washer and dryer from the HH Gregg store located on Taylorsville Road at Hurstbourne Lane on 3-27-2017 and had it delivered the very next day. The delivery people were wonderful and professional and I called the number on the paperwork and filled out the survey letting them know that they did a great job. I put in the first load of laundry and I noticed that when they agitate it is so little that the clothes in the back of the tub when you start are not moved very far from the position that they started in when the wash cycle is complete. Then before the next cycle there is a...

GE Washer - Kentucky, Louisville / Poor customer service!


I bought a washer from Home Depot in Philadelphia on 11/09/2007 after owning my previous washer for 20 years with no problems until it just died. My new washer is a GE product. It would no longer agitate or spin I called for service was told that an appointment was set up to find out that was not true. I took a day off from work to wait for service. I asked to speak to a customer service rep who was non caring and matter of fact. They would call me sometime today with a new service date so I have no working washer for 5 days and no new date of service and used one vacation day and now will have to use another. I will also have to go to a laundry mat to wash my clothes.