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Gas Up America Complaints & Reviews

Gas Up America / Refund scam

Jun 10, 2011

In September 2008 my wife and I received an offer from a vacation company for $100 of free gas. We followed the instructions and received a coupon book from 'Gas Up America' telling us how to purchase gas from certain brand name gas stations. We followed their instructions exactly, as printed in their rules, and waited for our first check. It did not come in the 21 days they had promised. After waiting for 60 days I wrote a letter to them and finally did receive one check for $20. I sent them a thank you note and included my second coupon and a $20 gas receipt. We have now sent in a...

Gas Up America - California / phony refund forms and offer


We attended a seminar in Napa for a vacation offer. We were provided with gas coupons which we were supposed to send in monthly for reimbursement of up to $20 per coupon with a receipt. We faithfully sent these in and were never acknowledged at all. We continued for several months but never heard from the company. We cannot find any way to get a hold of this company!

Gas Up America - Florida, Daytona Beach / A Fruadulent Firm


I received a $100 gas voucher from an outrageous/laborious Time Share sales pitch at the Split Rock Resort, near the Poconos, PA. As required, I mailed in my voucher and received five (5) $20 coupons. The coupons came with a 16-point instructions guide on how to receive your $$ (ridiculous to say the least - applying for a passport does not even require that many steps & procedures). One of those conditions stipulated that an applicant could not send in more than 1 $20 coupon within a 30-day period, implying that an applicant would need at least 4 months to receive the $$ equivalent of all 5...

Gas Up America - Florida, Daytona Beach Shores / rebate on gas not received


My wife and I attended a timeshare sales pitch for which we were promised 100 dollars in gas rebates in 20 dollar monthly increments . The company that sponsored the offer was Vacation Charters in PA. I submitted the form and first gas receipt on 10/17/08 with the understanding that I would receive the first rebate in 21 days of receipt. To date, I have not received the rebate with the new form that I need to submit the next 20 dollars, I have not received a phone call from them and have not been contacted by email. Today is november 18th so it is over one month.

Gas Up America - Virginia, Mechanicsville / gas coupons submitted to them


We received these Gas Up America coupons as a "perk" for attending a time share presentation in Williamsburg, Va back this summer. We registered the certificate with Gas Up America and received a coupon book to begin receiving our $100 promised reimbursement that was promised us at the presentation. I got no directions on how to complete the coupon and noted that the "rules" that came with the coupon almost make it impossible to get anything back from these people. Rules like: Filling in an "issue date" which i completed as the date we received the certificate to send in to them at the time...