Gabriel Suppiah Coaching Pte Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Gabriel Suppiah Coaching Pte Ltd / Scam trainer /coach


If you ever come across this coach by the name Gabriel Suppiah, who is operating under Gabriel Suppiah Coaching Pte Ltd, BEWARE! Get away from him as far as possible. If he tries to recruit you as a trainer/coach, said that he will pay you a salary for the work you do, DO NOT believe him. I was a victim. He owes me and other ex-colleagues several months of pay. He also did not refund us the money we have to pay to attend his training course despite postponing the date again and again. Besides that, when you chase for payment, he will try to make it sound as if it's your fault that you are...

Gabriel Suppiah Coaching Pte Ltd / Beware of Gabriel Suppiah Coaching


I was another victim, an ex-coach from Gabriel Suppiah Coaching Pte Ltd. I was employed in july 08 and was given a letter of appointment. In the letter, I was supposed to be paid a salary of S$3500. I was also told that I would receive commision of 10% to 15% for every client I brought in. When I joined gabirel's company, I was asked to pay an internal training fee of S$1200 for a training camp for coaches/staff. Initially, after working for him for a month (Jul 08), he told me that he could not pay me promptly and gave the excuse that he had some issues with his accounting people. After...