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Jun 13, 2012

Been charging a $9 monthly fee for sending a one time request for a copy of a Birth Certificate, which was also a $19 charge. Seems they enrolled us for eternity into this program, when called they say they will cancel you for one month. I said I want out completely, they say the most they can cancel is 6 months at a time, so I either have to change my credit card number or remember to call them back in 6 months for as long as i live. Nice. - California, Anderson / charged my credit card $70.00 I don't even know how they got that or my name I have never heard of them

Oct 1, 2011

All of a sudden 2 charges pending on my mastercard from this site, I have never heard of them much less how they got my information. 1 charges is $31.00 and the other is $41.00 I want my money back and I want to know how they got my information !! / Fraudulent transaction

Aug 26, 2011

Your site came to my notice when I was trying to contact so many other complaints against them. In my case, having thought I paid a nominal fee to register I discovered from an online balance check that my account had been debited £75.58. Having passed on the details to my bank, I contacted Saphie Number One who couldn't help, so tried the Support line number, where the operator informed me that I had not unticked certain boxes on my application. Obviously, as they were not there for me to untick. Charges are for membership, plus some services I have apparently... - Florida, Miami / ripoff

Aug 6, 2011

I never heard of this company. I never signed up for anything, but I began to see charges for$9.95 appearing on my credit card. This company is clearly a fraud. / FREEDOWNLOADZONE.COM 18009787657 GB $9.95

Apr 19, 2011

POS DEBIT FREEDOWNLOADZONE.COM FREEDOWNLOADZONE.COM 18009787657 GB $9.95 This has been taken off my account twice and I do not recall ever giving authorization for this, nor do I know what it is even for!.I want it stopped!! ~Jennifer Engle If anyone has the phone number to this company I would greatly appriciate it. / Monthly Charges to my account


I went to to install some computer protection programs to my husbands computer. They not only charged me considerably at the time of installation, I am also getting monthly charges taken from my debit card. The bank says I have to call them, the number on the debit charge does not work and can not get their web site to log in or even open up for that mater. I don't know how to stop this charge and I'm getting really frustrated. I've been taken to the cleaners on this one. Should have known better when they charged me for the program to begin with. If anyone has any idea how to make this go away, please share the info on a blod. I just want the monthly charges STOPPED - Rhode Island, North Smithfield / unauthorized debits from my bank account


hi my name is harry bilodeau and i just incurred unauthorized debits from my bank account accumulating $101.00 of unauthorized debits from i hope i can be able to resolve this matter quickly - Louisiana, Shreveport / I was charged 63.70 on my credit card without my permission. I do not even know what this company is.


I was charged $63.70 to my credit card by this company which I have never heard of and I did not order their software. I was ordering security software and this popped up on my email from "". I want the charges removed from my credit card. None of their website addresses will come up. I have since read many complaints against this company for somehow getting their fees charged to people's credit cards without their permission. They also take out monthly charges. I am also going to turn this over to my credit card company as a fraud. - New South Wales, Scone / What have I paid for?


The company advertises free download of AVG but on their page you have to pick options as to whether you will have 1, 2 or 3 year support package that you need to pay before they allow you to download the program. Then just before you pay they add extra charges again. When I subsequently try to get to their website I fail to hook into their website. What have I paid for? I would like my money back as all I wanted was to download a free version of AVG and now I have been lumbered with charges to do this.