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Freebee Gas Complaints & Reviews

Freebee Gas - Florida, Largo / No gas cards received


I too was also scammed by Freebee Gas and I believe my dealership Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights, Mi. I was given a $500.00 voucher for free gas because the final monthly payment for my Ford Fusion was just over $300.00 per month. I had told the dealership I wanted my payments under $300.00. They appolgized for the error saying they had made a mistake in final calculations and offered me this $500.00 rebate. After going online and seeing what I had to do in order to receive this free gas, I was totally discussed. I called Suburban Ford and explained what I had to do in order to receive...

Freebee Gas - Florida / new information


I just saw a story on the news last night that the website and contact phone numbers for the company have been shut down. I called the FL attorney general's office, and they said to make a complaint in writing to: [email protected] or through regular mail: Office of the State Attorney General State of Florida The Capitol P-01 Tallahassee, FL 32399 Also, you should contact the company that gave you the card in the first place- they are victims of the scam, too. From what I hear, some of them are making good on what was originally promised. What I don't understand is, how...

Freebee Gas - Florida, Largo / Fraudulent rebate service


I purchased 4 new tires from Big-O Tires that was participating in a $500 free gas rebate program. I got my certificate and that is all. I have to submit $100 a month in receipts to the address above and they are supposed to send a $25 gas card or credit card every month until the $500 is rebated to me. this will take 20 months. My rebate coupons expire November 2009. I strated this program in March 2008 and have scanned the receipts since April 2008 that I have sent to this company and have yet to receive anything but excuses as to where my $25 cards are. I am going to continue to do my part.