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Foxtel Complaints & Reviews

Foxtel - Western Australia, Perth / picture too wide for screen

Apr 11, 2015

Foxtel have been doing this for years now so i dot expect them to change. It is just one of the reasons they are losing subscribers so may be someone will be listening now! The broadcast picture is too wide for my screen and I cannot re format the monitor. I am watching the Masters Golf and i frequently cannot see the players or the ball when they are on the green. I am also watching the Chinese Formula One GP ( which is far superior to the free to air offerings) but the drivers times on the left of the screen are partially invisible ( I see the times but not the names) If they seriously want to survive maybe they will start to give paying customers what they pay for.

Foxtel / Not Worth It


Foxtel - not worth it. You pay in excess of $100 per month for what? Most of the channels contains nothing you watch, and the channels you watch contain 1 to 2 shows you would bother with. But you can't get the channels you want without paying for a whole lot of other junk you don't want. And the unending ads, which, when you call up, they try and sell you an iQ or iQ2 - yeah for more money for installation, AND for using it monthly. So it's not worth it - save your money, go buy the dvds instead. Also, Foxtel has the worse management - say you want to speak with the customer...

Foxtel / Bad service


Ok so my Foxtel wasn't working (having wiring issues) so I ran the company up and did the step by step instructions with them. Instead of fixing the problem it just made it worse. They offered to get a technician out to fix the problem and if it was deemed a fault of mine then I was to pay $70. The phone call was made at the end of February, the earliest they could get a tech out was April 22nd. So already paying for Foxtel when it wasn’t working. April 22nd rolled around and my Sister stayed home from work (with out pay) to let the tech in. They were meant to be coming between...