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Mar 02, 2012

This website is filled with kids pulling excuses out of the places you'd least expect. Sure, nice people will be on there, but everything else is just an eye sore. The Off-Topic section is filled with horrible lies, which lead into the Drama section. Drama is basically hell. You'll see older members picking on the new guys because they don't "approve" of them, when the new people are just trying to fit in. Even the new people might not fit in correctly, and they'll bash the regular people, just to cover up something that they did stupid. When I say they, I mean the new... / They got our money and they don't care

Aug 01, 2011

First of all, I am a parent. There is supposed to be a censored chat, and even though it was enables, the F word came through full and clear. The player that used that word also banned my son from his server and I had read the chat session and I can't see where my son did anything to warrant this behavior. I contacted Blockland support and they told me I didn't have my censor chat enabled (wrong) and that the player that banned my son could do so if he wanted (even though he violated rules himself) and even though they DID NOT review the chat session. In addition, he turned the...