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Florida Metropolitan University Complaints & Reviews

Florida Metropolitan University - Florida, Lakeland / ACCREDITATION

Jul 3, 2011

I attended FMU in 2004-2005. Recently I decided to go to a four year college to finish my degree. Only to find out that FMU was not accredited So on top of paying Sallie Mae for the time spent there, now I have to literally start over borrowing money. Something needs to be done about this. Sallie Mae needs to get their money back from FMU instead of from me.

Florida Metropolitan University / Loans


I applied at the Florida Metropolitan University back in 2004 they hurriedly accepted me and had me in classes before any financial aid was set up, now as I was going through the process of it they avoided phone calls from my father who is a Veteran. I am also Native American so I have benefits from my tribe so I shouldn't have to take out any loans, ever. They had me fill out paperwork as a fall back saying that all I am doing is applying to see if I am eligible for the loans. I had to stop from attending this college because of health situations and housing situations and had hoped to...